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I have been attending to 20 Lines quite a bit…which I love doing…but it resulted in my neglecting my own two blogs somewhat. And I lost a follower on Brainstorms. I feel terrible about that, and don’t really know how to think about it. Taking the positive approach, I hope it was someone cleaning out his/her subscriptions who had simply decided that that blog wasn’t as important to their reading anymore.

Lesson learned, however. If I’m going to have two blogs, and write on a third, I need to tend them as I would a garden. Who wants to see a blog where there’s little to no new content? I want to write on all three blogs every single day, and for awhile was doing that. Then, somehow, I got out of that habit.

I will do better. I’ll pull the weeds and hope to soon see blooming gardens on Brainstorms and Chronicles again.


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