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In the dawning of time
man was no speck of dust,
not even a glimmer in Divine’s eye,
until life was breathed into light
and awareness into cellular dust,
fledgling gods dispatched to distant worlds
to wear foreign masks,
engage in sacrilegious battles
for wholeness and peace,
to conquer universes,
to love and give,
receive and forgive,
wage wars with self
and tear down walls of difference ,
fuel the sting of creation sorrow,
create that which is loved most,
send it soaring into freedom,
not knowing how or when it may return,
to fulfill the fate of immortal time


The Ocean Within

Ebbing and flowing,
cleansing and nourishing,
from the tiniest fish that swim
in your veins, to the largest whales
of your soul, rely on the life-giving
water from within, nourished by the sun through day,
directed by the tides at night, touched by
the hand of God and bestowed the power
to create and sustain life, to raise up
great storms and inspire the heart of man,
to love with great fury and tear down walls
built long ago by another people’s war

The water that makes you
is ordained with holy wings,
harness the power of the great ocean inside,
use it not for devastation of the unruly and
sinful parts, but as a sacred trough from which
all may drink and find the blessings of life

©SpiritLed 2014

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In this life

We make mistakes

We hurt the ones we love

Turn a blind eye

When someone else is doing wrong.

It happens,

It’s part of this messy thing

We call life,

We’re human

And mistakes are practically coded

Into our DNA.

It’s how we learn,

It’s how we grow.

But growth can only happen

If we own our mistakes.

To acknowledge and embrace

The mistakes that we have made

Is a huge step towards

Moving forward.

To say to someone else

That mistake was ours

We empower not only ourselves

But those around us.

Let’s stop pretending we are perfect

Let’s take a step back down

Hold hands with one another

Be the space where

Mistakes can be owned and

Reparations made.

Responsibility and forgiveness

Are two sides of the same coin.

A coin we all must investigate

And add to our collection

Using frequently each day.

Missing Her

She didn’t wear perfume, it bothered her.
But o, her fragrance as she entered any room.
My mother lifted any place to heights anew
by being present. How I miss her belly laughs,
her care for others, and her strength of self.
Yes, I have had to set upon the shelf
the music of her coming to my house,
the look that told me, Honey, I love you.
I harbored anger toward my father after they divorced.
She always told me, Please forgive him. It will set you free.
How wise my mother was. I didn’t understand
this until after she had died. Please, Mom, I want you now to know
I have forgiven him. How right you were, and we undid
the tangles of the years. It was because of you.
Is Thank you good enough?
Of course not. Your soft ways of teaching brought the lessons
gently into terra firma consciousness.
Funny, I the teacher, was the taught.


For the Thanksgiving Challenge

I’ve seen the change in him. His very words
have taken flight like little wingèd birds.
I could not know that all the hurt he spewed
would be retracted, attitude so crude

subtracted. Who, I ask, am I to doubt
this change?
Forgiveness on my lips, I shout
to all the hills and treetops: Thank You, God,
for changing stones upon the path I trod

into soft slippers. Now I walk the wood
and notice where that poison tree once stood.
Yes, what I thought would never change has changed.
I see the puzzle pieces rearranged.

And so I learn to never give up hope,
to look, to raise my eyes toward that far slope
where God unwrapped a present just for me.
I tell Him Thank You, don’t ask Can this be?


Hurt That Lingers

There is a hurt that lingers

So deep within my soul

It’s like I’m holding on to it

Without it…don’t feel whole


I know I’ve been forgiven

For wrongs that I have done

And those done me by others

I’ve forgiven every one


So now I’m letting go today

Of sorrow that I feel

Unnecessary sorrow

So these wounds may fin’lly heal


Please help me not to look at them…

To leave them all alone

Except just for recalling them

As if a stepping stone


I pray the smile upon my face

Be genuine and real

Not just disguising pain and hurt

That deep inside I feel


I am not ruled by feelings

Though feel them, I will do

While resting in your mercy and

Your love so deep and true.




It isn’t very easy to forgive.

It isn’t very easy to forget.

Both both of these are necessary to live.


You have to find the truth of inner peace

and though it isn’t easy to forget,

you must if you’ve to gain that true release.


To live and love in comfort with yourself,

you have to have the courage to forget

or your pride festers into living hell.


There really isn’t any other way.

Just let the past go, take deep breaths, forget

and open-hearted face each brand new day

with genuine forgiveness, come what may.



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