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Her balloon went flying in the air

and the young adorable little girl

went running after it.

She stopped in her tracks

and another little girl handed her the balloon

it was like looking in a mirror

In that split second

her hand was grabbed and she was whisked away to the car

without ever seeing the girl again.


More From The Day At The Fair

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


Wary of me and the Nikon



Hard to capture  when they are behind bars.





Stunning ,  yes even these beauties can be STUNNING.



I miss my chickens  I had some like this one and some Rhode Island Reds



Fancy Plumage


Really FANCY check out the feathered feet



Even the Ducks came


Look at that pretty face


Love her ruff do you call it that on a Chicken or are they hackles?



Such a pretty head

To say I had fun at the fair is an understatement


I even have more to share with you

Stand By!

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Lost In Play Today

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

While I wait for results on my MRI I decided to play with my Polymer Clay. I will be doing a craft fair locally in November so I better get busy and create.

First batch was done in bright colors








I had my breakfast and did the dishes and swept the floors and before I knew it I was gathering supplies in my nightgown and sat down and began to play.  Creating something colorful and wild again.  It has been awhile since I just sat and played.   Felt good.  I looked up at 1:00 PM and I was still in Nightgown with many pretty items to bake so I can turn them into pieces of jewelry for the sale in November and maybe some for my friend’s store in Newburyport too.


Have an awesome weekend!


Oh wait my cat played with her friends today :)

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The Photograph

The photograph around the edges blurs.
Inside of me, though, all emotion stirs
when looking at the portrait. Wedding day
of grandparents shows formal pose that May.

He, dapper, fine, professor-like, and she
in silk, aloof, no smile. What can’t I see
upon that face? She, always secretive,
would never offer, no, would never give

up hints to her persona. We remained
a bit apart from her. Silk-dressed, she trained
us well in manners and obedience.
I always wished that she’d let loose and dance!

Our grandpa played with us, provided fun,
but Grandma frowned. “Of this I will have none.”



Hello fellow 20 Liners and everybody in between, how would you all like it if we try ourselfs in writing Limericks?

i meant to to do for a while now, but never had the courage….

this is what i came up with so far, though i think i didnt get the rythm right(and thats the most important part…)


There once was an old maiden named Rosy

Who was truly quite nosy

She shatterd her truck

Peed in a sack

While watching her sister buying a posy


We attended a PUMPKIN Stroll



Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

The recreation department in our town held their  Third Annual PUMPKIN STROLL

The children came in beautiful costumes

They brought Carved Pumpkins for the contest

Vendors set up tables  with items for sale but they all had candy to pass out to the children  who also were Trick or Treating(dress rehearsal for the 31st)

We had a table with lots of candy as well and our raffle items for the Garden Club fundraising effort.

We donated 3  house plants for the Recreational Departments SILENT AUCTION for the many things they do for the towns Children

Have a look, after the heavy rains all night we were blessed with a beautiful day!







Third Annual Pumpkin Stroll

Pumpkins for the contest!




Epping Pumpkin Stroll

Vendors came to sell their wares




Setting Up

Setting up her booth











Two More for the…

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I don’t care if the demand curve is downward sloping,

and the supply curve- upward,

I wonder why do I need to learn production function,

even when I am not producing a single thing.

I don’t care if the foreign exchange reserves get exhausted,

and when the balance of payments is not favorable,

I wonder why do I need to know about the budget,

even when I never adhere to it.

Ah! I wonder why do I need to study Economics,

because I have an exam, Ah! The answer is here sneering at me.


I have wasted three of my four prep holidays, 

now I have got my exam

What can I do but laugh at me

And right silly stuff about Economics.

Other Mothers

Other Mothers say


and ‘All right then’ and


and not ‘We’ll see’ and

‘If’ and ‘But’ and ‘Definitely No’.

Everybody Else can

and will and has already

without having to stamp a foot

or shout.

Other Mothers don’t fuss so.


OVID says…

Since I’ve been talking of and showing art, plus poetry, I thought I’d leave you with a quote from Ovid -

Of its own accord my song would come in the right

rhythms, and what I was trying to say was poetry.

Well lucky Ovid!

Sometimes my ‘song’ comes in the night,

and sometimes rhymes,

but mostly if it comes out right …

the rhyme marches in thyme



Sorting the Currents & Seams

What craziness has befallen me?

I sit and concoct, I think in blocks.

I have  some random thought

and try to think in rhyme.

Where did this come from.

abab ccdd. Where was I when this was taught?

Certainly not paying enough attention.

While driving, I have a thought.

Where’s a pen?

I won’t remember that perfect, tidy gem.

I certainly hope those blessed with verse,

have the sometimes writer’s block.

Because I suffer it from the outset.

Sorting all these seams, currents and rapids

of how the words are suppose to flow.

Nothing smooth in my flow, boulders abound.

Did Sandburg, Whitman and Wordsworth imbibe

to so well inscribe upon our minds.

Perhaps a glass of vino

would help the words flow.    

No, it isn’t so.




I wrote this thinking about how I felt taking my new step to join a group of people I don’t know after my husband passed away.  In an effort to not stay in a small corner in the house I pushed myself into joining a social group and tonight is the first meeting…..


Blindly the layers of my existence are removed

leaving me exposed, one by one, taken away

Left only is a breath of pure honesty, fragile

whisper thin, cracks forming like spider webs

Reaching out to grasp at any solid hold it can

A dream of what is to be wraps around my body

and covers the naked fear of the unknown

Ashamed to bare the truth of what is below the surface

afraid to face the road that looms beyond the bend

Ignorant of the wonders once the veil is lifted




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