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Her balloon went flying in the air

and the young adorable little girl

went running after it.

She stopped in her tracks

and another little girl handed her the balloon

it was like looking in a mirror

In that split second

her hand was grabbed and she was whisked away to the car

without ever seeing the girl again.


More From The Day At The Fair

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


Wary of me and the Nikon



Hard to capture  when they are behind bars.





Stunning ,  yes even these beauties can be STUNNING.



I miss my chickens  I had some like this one and some Rhode Island Reds



Fancy Plumage


Really FANCY check out the feathered feet



Even the Ducks came


Look at that pretty face


Love her ruff do you call it that on a Chicken or are they hackles?



Such a pretty head

To say I had fun at the fair is an understatement


I even have more to share with you

Stand By!

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Lost In Play Today

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

While I wait for results on my MRI I decided to play with my Polymer Clay. I will be doing a craft fair locally in November so I better get busy and create.

First batch was done in bright colors








I had my breakfast and did the dishes and swept the floors and before I knew it I was gathering supplies in my nightgown and sat down and began to play.  Creating something colorful and wild again.  It has been awhile since I just sat and played.   Felt good.  I looked up at 1:00 PM and I was still in Nightgown with many pretty items to bake so I can turn them into pieces of jewelry for the sale in November and maybe some for my friend’s store in Newburyport too.


Have an awesome weekend!


Oh wait my cat played with her friends today :)

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The Photograph

The photograph around the edges blurs.
Inside of me, though, all emotion stirs
when looking at the portrait. Wedding day
of grandparents shows formal pose that May.

He, dapper, fine, professor-like, and she
in silk, aloof, no smile. What can’t I see
upon that face? She, always secretive,
would never offer, no, would never give

up hints to her persona. We remained
a bit apart from her. Silk-dressed, she trained
us well in manners and obedience.
I always wished that she’d let loose and dance!

Our grandpa played with us, provided fun,
but Grandma frowned. “Of this I will have none.”



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