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Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

We have had a few beautiful days here in New England but changes are coming.  So as I watched the Boston Red Sox play their way into another World’s Series I made lists of things that needed to be done around here.  I worked at planting my two huge Mums from the garden club sale,  they are the hardy type so with any luck they will rest in the winter and be in bloom for next fall.  Lawn mower was placed in the barn and snow blower brought up to the shed.  You know regular stuff all homeowner must do unless they have a handyman yes my man is handy but you know the kind I am taking about.

So as I checked off each item I had on my list,  I came to my Monstrous Spider Plant.  There was no way I could bring it in for another year like…

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Monday Morning Garden

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


This makes for lots of HAPPY BEES



I am hoping for some yummy goodness from this plant the flowers are Beautiful



Even these are so pretty if you can get in real close boy I wish I had not lost all my MACRO ability in my camera but hitting re-format :(




Safely behind the garden fence where hungry Turkey and Bear could easily get into but so far have not.


Finally something for all my effort.




Shortest Corn on Earth



Sad looking Sunflower too much rain and clearly not enough Sunshine.



Not only does the cat enjoy this beautiful plant but the Bumble Bees and these Hummingbird Moths seem to love it as well!



Can’t get a great Macro with Easy Share will have to see if I can get a local camera shop to fix what I have done to…

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Daily Prompt: Great or Greatest?/Blogs I follow

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I must say when I go down the list of who I follow through my blog at  Living and Lovin I see so many who are just like me.  Like minded. Nature lovers. Pet owners. Gardeners of flowers and food. 

I once wondered if anyone of my friends would bother to read what I had to say and share by way of a photo here and there and quickly got a true lesson in life,  not many if any,  take the time to read what I have to say but among the thousands here at WordPress I have a circle of friends who have stuck with me,  as I began this journey and are still there just over a year latter. 

Blogs come and go but I seem to have enough photos or strange stories to keep a few coming back.  They are all eclectic and lived a full life, …

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Our Garden Club Work Continues

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I really thought when I joined just two years back this gardening thing around our little town would be so easy.  You all see I know how to grow some real beauties so what’s the problem?

Well wanting something really badly,  sadly will not make it happen.  It takes members.  Men woman and children if need be!  You need a town who actually cares how they present themselves to the world. Sadly we were on a very slippery slope on that part.  Four sickening murders in just the time I have been here, 27 years.  All hitting the papers here and abroad.

This dream of mine to join was long overdue.   I wanted our small little town to care for one another.  Be a community.  Like the one I grew up in.  Sadly day in and day out I see the world around me not as it used to be. …

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Cell Phone Rose

Cell Phone Rose SBI was walking out the front door and noticed the Mr. Lincoln rose was particularly beautiful. I used my cell phone to snap a pic. The water droplets didn’t come through as crisp as I would have liked…you can see the sheen of the droplets. This rose is a fragrant reminder of my mom’s love of roses. First generated in 1964, the rose was transplanted from my folk’s house after their deaths and the sale of their home.

We attended a PUMPKIN Stroll



Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

The recreation department in our town held their  Third Annual PUMPKIN STROLL

The children came in beautiful costumes

They brought Carved Pumpkins for the contest

Vendors set up tables  with items for sale but they all had candy to pass out to the children  who also were Trick or Treating(dress rehearsal for the 31st)

We had a table with lots of candy as well and our raffle items for the Garden Club fundraising effort.

We donated 3  house plants for the Recreational Departments SILENT AUCTION for the many things they do for the towns Children

Have a look, after the heavy rains all night we were blessed with a beautiful day!







Third Annual Pumpkin Stroll

Pumpkins for the contest!




Epping Pumpkin Stroll

Vendors came to sell their wares




Setting Up

Setting up her booth











Two More for the…

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Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Have you heard of the Big Box store LOWES?

Let me tell you a little about our local store here in our town.

They try to help the communities they build their stores in.

They give grants to the local clubs and schools for building supplies and plants.

Well in this case a past Garden Club president applied for and won a grant to make a few

spots in our town  a little prettier with the gift of a grant from Lowes.

We had a wonderful summer but really to hot for workers and plants.

Today I the secretary of the Garden Club met with two wonderful woman.  They brought

with them Rose bushes, Coreopsis,Aster and Heavy Metal Switch Grass.  They

also brought some soil and peat moss.  The HR woman from our store was able to bring with her

today on a cloudy misty morning,  one worker and I…

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Insatiable Thirst

I noticed these roses, open and beaded up with water droplets. I recently shot these roses and posted ‘Peeking Beauty’ last week or so. Portland had not had any measurable rain in 50+ days. In the heat, I had been careful to not water over the foliage or buds. I found the beads of water remarkable after last nights rainfall. I just don’t think I have ever seen so many beads of water collected together as here. So, I snapped the shot while walking from the front door to the car.

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Neglect in Rispetto

Neglect in Rispetto

It has been so long since I tended my yard

because life’s demands have drawn me away.

I love the nurturing and find it not hard,

but the toil now is elsewhere that does outweigh.

Time is fleeting, the demands so high,

that I can barely keep up without a tired sigh.

But, I am told, time is on my side,

if I only keep the end in sight and abide.


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