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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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Table Geometry found in a weekend excursion.  The make-up of the table and the grids on the benches are showered with geometric shapes.  Even the bricks on the walk are bursting with geometry.

Share your interpretation of geometry by posting a picture for the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry. Be sure to add postaday to your tag line so that your photo will be easy for others to see.





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What Magic Lurks Inside

Not to pull you away from the Magic looming beyond the arch, but that arch suggests so much doesn’t it? Time, weather, magic, and design. Such things are beyond my ability to fathom. So, when I came upon a site explaining design, math and construction I thought I would share it with those of you that can not only write well but comprehend mathematics. Now go back to the Magic and writer’s imagination.


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