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Ei! (hope this counts as a line)
Finally, I get to make my first post. I dedicate it to Zoomlion in my country Ghana. The struggles I went through to do this made me feel like a wordpress blogging novice (could be as compared to Melissa). Hey… let me congratulate her about this marvelous platform… more grease to her elbows (but hope you don’t wear a white shirt/blouse). Thanks for this opportunity. I’m here to have fun…not to prove anything!
Back to business…Zoomlion the principal dedicatee is making strides to rid my country of waste (in the short-term) and preventable disease (in the long term)…while making money doing so. I pray on management to share the dedication with cleanliness-conscious Ghanaians; more blessings on the heads of those who have sheer sensibility and discipline to only drop waste in a designated container! Those who would not sweep their stallfronts into drains… those who would not leave empty cans and wrappers under their classroom and lecture hall seats, stick (messy) gum under office and school furniture and in coaches.

To those who practice the aforementioned vices, I pray for a repentant heart. Ironically, they are the ‘fit’ people… those who can afford the big brands, and don’t want to litter their porsches. I seek their indulgence to afford to drive an extra mile to the next public place and drop ‘em trash. It helps for all of us. Imagine plenty money used to import malaria drugs were used to fill the pot-holes on the Tema motorway or to provide street lights in a teacher training college. If matters come to worst (already have), I will pray for a law that allows citizens to take pictures of littering individuals and tend them as evidence in a sanitation court… (citizen-action).

Litterers be advised because no one is above disease and floods; you could be affected in one way or another. Damn!…keep your environment clean, will ya!?


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