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The Ocean Within

Ebbing and flowing,
cleansing and nourishing,
from the tiniest fish that swim
in your veins, to the largest whales
of your soul, rely on the life-giving
water from within, nourished by the sun through day,
directed by the tides at night, touched by
the hand of God and bestowed the power
to create and sustain life, to raise up
great storms and inspire the heart of man,
to love with great fury and tear down walls
built long ago by another people’s war

The water that makes you
is ordained with holy wings,
harness the power of the great ocean inside,
use it not for devastation of the unruly and
sinful parts, but as a sacred trough from which
all may drink and find the blessings of life

©SpiritLed 2014



Red sunset

Red sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




the sunset has changed


in my eyes 


 my mind 


never feeling the highs







year of retention


chill in the air

it comes as we sleep

another years awareness

I’m trying to keep

some being easy

some being hard

some fight retention

some that are scarred

daily battles move forward

I sometimes look back

most days are smooth

some under attack

friends change around me

I have no control

change on the surface

there’s change in my soul


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right2write prompt 6 summoning them

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her pain was so intense

she stood still as not to be noticed

she summoned  them

everyone , even the remotest

she never knew

they looked up to her as a god

worshiped her

to them she was never flawed

her distress continues today

still they never notice

she summons them

everyone, even the remotest







venting to the perfect crowd


How much…..I mean everyday how much interactive crap from unwanted people do we need to put up with… It seems now days everyone is searching for perfection from others in the way they view their life. There is no compromise left what so ever. I for one am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect so to those of you looking for perfection or others to deal with your own version of perfection GOOD LUCK. I am single and to tell the truth probably will be for a while.  Thanks for letting me go…wow I already feel better



morning sun

breathing like normal

morning sun

worries have vanished

still no fun

abandoned  in my mind

alone in my soul

wondering if ever

I’ll  leave this parole





right2write prompt 5 : Broken Red

I’m here again

looking over the same

wanting to renew myself

trying to hide my shame

with tears getting impoverished

I flash into a dream

everything looks so blurry

then I hear a scream

I focus on a detail

before it fades away

a man appears before me

and all he had to say

this broken red you noticed

doesn’t mean its imperfection

really what your seeing

a lucid dreams refection






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fresh young tomato’s

waiting for the feast


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one night

grass growing uneven

the darkness settles in

moon shining smoothly

as I commence to grin

silence has landed

the calm leaks on out

starlight blinking softly

as they begin to sprout

trees standing still

bugs start to bite

peace has been broken

on this one night

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dark distant night

the dark and distant

through a window I see

presumed a shadow

or a reflection of me

I walk in indulgence,

trepidation at hand

one second flashes

as I arrogantly stand

the shadow is gone

my mind fills with fright

my soul may have left me

on this dark , distant night


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