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Hurt That Lingers

There is a hurt that lingers

So deep within my soul

It’s like I’m holding on to it

Without it…don’t feel whole


I know I’ve been forgiven

For wrongs that I have done

And those done me by others

I’ve forgiven every one


So now I’m letting go today

Of sorrow that I feel

Unnecessary sorrow

So these wounds may fin’lly heal


Please help me not to look at them…

To leave them all alone

Except just for recalling them

As if a stepping stone


I pray the smile upon my face

Be genuine and real

Not just disguising pain and hurt

That deep inside I feel


I am not ruled by feelings

Though feel them, I will do

While resting in your mercy and

Your love so deep and true.

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Bright new day

I welcome you with your sunshine

And all the blessings just waiting to be discovered

Blessings from my God in heaven

Who loves me

With an amazing, perfect love

That love unimaginable, incomparable

From my dear, heavenly Father

Holy God

Your mercies are new each morning

I will cast all my cares on you, for you care for me

I will not become impatient

I will wait

Your way is often not quicker

With time and care, you work out all of the details

As only you could ever do

Thank you, God.


The Seed

Let the love within bring forth joy

To light up my face like the sun

And shine forth to all who come near


Let the love within bring forth peace

To keep me calm and secure

When life’s rain and thunder says, “Have fear!”


Let the love within bring forth patience

So I know there’s no need to worry…

No need to push and shove


Let the love within make me gentle and kind

May I be wise as a serpent

But harmless as a dove


Let the love within give me a goodness

That can come from no other place

May I never be selfish or mean


Let the love within show me faithful

True to the core, confident in the promises

Of the One on whom I can lean


Let the love within make me humble

Always thinking of others before myself

Never being conceited, or seeking revenge.


May the love within keep me self-controlled

Not caught up in mood swings or fits of anger

Never having a need for making amends.


May the fruit of the Spirit be all that you see

When you are looking into the heart of me

That fruit grows only from the seed of love…

Of a love that can come from only above.


The Greatest Sinner

Forgiving is easy

For this one or that

To someone who isn’t

Wearing my hat

Forgiving another

I’ll humbly do

Sometimes it’s not easy

To start again, new.

But still it is easier

To forgive others’ wrong

But forgiving myself

It just takes so long.

If I could just see me

As that one, I see

A child of God too

Whom He has set free

Someone who the Father

Knows outside and in

Whom He has forgiven

Of every dark sin

So I am forgiving

Myself on this day

And all of my burdens

At the cross, I lay.


Reflections of My Heart

Reflections of my Heart
by Anne Sikes


Sometimes it’s hard to find the words

To say what’s on my mind.

Sometimes my heart gets heavy

No peace of mind to find.


But never do you leave me, Lord

In happy times or sad

When I can’t find the words to pray

And I just can’t feel glad.


Still, you’re always near me

Drying every tear

Whispering so gently,

“Beloved, have no fear.”


And when my heart is broken

And chipped and shattered lies

You pick each piece up carefully

Not one escapes your eyes


Slowly, ever carefully,

You mold it with your hand

Until it’s strong and tempered,

And able to withstand


Because of all the care you put

Into this heart of mine

And faith to know your love so great,

Through dark, your light will shine.


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