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Last Goodbye

“my heart grieves” she says
and i ask
“why does your heart grieve?”
she answered
“because i know that the love
we used to share has died…it seems
all that’s left in its place is the memory
of how it used to be…a memory
of how it used to feel…”
and the only answer i could
give her was my silence
and a guilty stare into the space
past her…but then i took her hand in mine
and felt her fingers in between
the spaces of my own…it didn’t feel the same…
and i said
“indeed…the love we once shared
has died…buried beneath
painful memories and broken promises…”
she looked at me and i looked away
to hide the tears…and the silence
that followed became our last “goodbye”…

Goodbye Darren

Darren turned away, no reply springing ready to his lips.
“Why?” she repeated and this time he was prepared.
“I’m not ready. That’s all there is to it. And neither are you. We’re too young.”
“But I thought…”
“I know what you thought. Bloody obvious what you thought. All that taking me home to meet the parents, parcels from your grandma and granddad. ‘Welcome to the family lad’ and all that stuff. Bloody hell.”
He turned again, shivering a little as he moved, putting a visible distance between them as he brushed away the snow from one of the graves and sat down.
“I didn’t mean it to be like this, honest. I didn’t realise you were getting so serious. I never wanted to hurt you.”
Tasha looked at the back of his head.
“You did hurt me though. And you’ve made me look a fool. I thought that little box had an engagement ring in it, not a bloody key ring.”
The stone was on the ground by her feet. A handy size to fit her fist. A handy size to hit the side of Darren’s head.
It made a satisfying crack and he fell sideways, crimson spilling into the white snow.
From the church came the carol ‘In the Bleak Midwinter’ and Tasha thought it was just the right sound. Dramatic. Just like those beats at the end of Eastenders.

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The Small Petite Woman

A small petite woman walking in the darkness,

Passing by the lights of the city which she considers a mess.

She has left it all behind- the power, the glory,

She is tired of framing her own life’s story.

Frustrated with her acts that she so dubiously played,

She now walks alone, her hair no longer tied in a braid.

Losing the sense of this world, she wants to be who she really is,

She has said goodbye to her past with a gentle kiss.

She is just starting to accept her real self with no pain,

She is walking in the darkness with no strain.

You were gone

When I found in you, the love I’ve been looking for-

You were gone just like that with no notice of departure.

When I saw in your eyes the care I always needed-

You were gone just like that with no goodbye ceremony.

When I realised the beauty residing in your heart, the one I always needed-

You were gone just like that.

You were gone with no notice of departure.

And no goodbye ceremony.

Where I Stand II

I stand here where bronchitis waves goodbye,
the enemy that kept me down for weeks.
To face it was a challenge. I’ll not lie.
I stand here where bronchitis waves goodbye
and watch it disappear into the sky,
an ease of coughing jags and vocal creaks.
I stand here where bronchitis waves goodbye,
the enemy that kept me down for weeks.

Going, going, almost gone


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