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On Poetry and Gratitude

I used to think that the metaphors and ideas in my head were merely ways I entertained myself.  That the imagery and games I played with words were child-like ways I had of viewing the world.

And maybe they are.  Maybe all I am doing is spinning wheels and creating horses out of thin air and so much sand.

But maybe … maybe there is another reason.  For those of us that write poetry or, for that matter, create any kind of art … Maybe we are supposed to write or create and make havoc and merry.  Maybe we are supposed to create something out of nothing.  Beauty out of pain.

Maybe through art we find our shared experience, our sense of community, a common bond.  I think of this community and I am awed by the fact that we wrap ourselves around the globe, yet so many of your offerings resonate, or teach.

Someone told me I was a poet, finally.  He’d read enough of my writing and train of thought and he looked at me and said it as if it was as plain as the nose on my face.  And once my beloved Poet told me that I was a poet, I felt something click inside.  A piece of the puzzle locked into place.  Or the world unhinged and swung open.  Or both.

I believed him.  I believed him, embraced it, take it seriously and I am all in.  I am committed to the work of becoming a better writer, a stronger writer, to write bravely when I feel afraid.  I am equally committed to lifting other writers, other artists, to give them a voice and a space to work on their craft.

I haven’t been writing lately like I should, and the reasons why are many and as varied as flavors of ice cream, or shades of blue.  But knowing you are here inspires me.  I see the magnitude of your work, this outpouring of time, effort, energy and creativity  that is rich and vast and interesting and unexpected.

This place, and each of you, make me happy.  You delight me.  You feel like family and neighbors.  I am always glad to see each and every one of you.

I hope you find nourishment here, too.

I believe in saying thank you but perhaps I do not say it often enough.

Over here in America it is the season of thankfulness, a gentle time to let the people in our lives let them know how much we appreciate them.

So thank you, contributors, followers, and readers, from the bottom of my heart.  I am thankful for you all.


Veteran’s Day Words

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Over at The Daily Post @ WordPress.com one of the Daily Prompts is Play Lexicographer.   

I thought I would try my hand at this game, using the theme of Veteran’s Day to invent new words to honor all the men and woman who have served our country.   Here are a few words I have created …

Uvetidid –  (you-vet-I-did)  n.  a person who served in the military or a soldier who has seen considerable active service .

Vetservedcountry  (Vet-serve-country) v. a civilian who has in the past served in the military.

Honorvetservice (honor-vets-service)  v.  1. the act of honoring.  2. Something all citizens should do on Veteran’s Day and every day.

Thankavet(thank-a-vet) v.  give gratitude for the unselfish service of a Veteran.

Givevetscredit  (give-vets-credit) v.  the act of giving credit to the men and woman who have served our country. 

I wonder what other words we…

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The Need for Speed

I know that God watches over me and hears me in my cries and plaints. Tears have been shed, a lot of them, over a certain circumstance in my life. But Sunday, with a phone call and visit from the people involved, so much changed.

Immediately I said, “God, I thank You for this.”

I have always been quick to ask, but slow to thank when I realize that God has intervened in my life and done something that I thought impossible. But I must remember, With Him, all things are possible.

I do believe that I need a nudge to be quick to thank. I resolve to do better.


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