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Pretty Pink and Reds



We came across this beautiful site on Christmas Day
Stand right out PINK

I see Deer browsing the tops of what I call Lichen really not sure yet what this is I must look it up unless you know.

It was one of many gifts I got. Today these are under a foot of heavy wet SNOW



One of our Pair of Cardinals I know you can see the pretty Red male can you find her?

Oh and do you notice the SNOW lol


Blooms Compete With Folage


Yes it is fall in these parts

Leaves changing colors

Falling now from their branches

They are not alone in their beauty

Plants such as this are showing off as well

The best part is when the winter is upon us

These will be even more beautiful

Dry and Brown yes

Beauties non the less


Perhaps you noticed …

… a different look around here.

And … there is more to come.

In the days ahead we’ll adjust and tweak and redesign in little bursts and fits as time allows, to make 20 Lines both more reader-friendly as well as begin promoting our Contributors’ work.

Look for exciting stuff ahead.

If I don’t have your Bio, send it!  If I already have your bio, send me more about your art!  I cannot wait to feature each of you in the coming days.  The talent here is amazing, and I want to make sure we travel and explore in ways that best share our journeys.  With each other.

Come with me.


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