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The Cup Runneth Over

“Alas! She laughed as he swooped into the parlor like some minor royalty. “He has surely forgotten his station!” She turned her silver Challis toward he lips and drank of the blood within., no one noticing as she licked a stray drop from her lip. “Soon, he would be reminded,” she smiled.

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I Want Time

In our small town the light posts are all decked
in Christmas garb. The carols have begun.
But why? I want to know. The ground’s still flecked
with leaves. The costumed goblins had their fun,

Thanksgiving’s not yet here. We need to rest
around each celebration, let it steep.
I wish anticipation in the quest
that waiting brings. Excited children creep

toward Christmas trees and Santa. But we spoil
much happiness by heaping holidays
upon another, overlapping soil
of Halloween on giving thanks, a maze

diluting Christmas. In my perfect world,
each should enjoy its own significance.
The flags of holidays should be unfurled
by bits, allowing us to see their dance.

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Born on Halloween

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

I was born on Halloween

when witches pay their due.

Everyone thinks I’m so mean,

but what am I to do?


My mother named me Hazel,

and makes me ride a broom.

She feeds me brew with basil,

and locks me in my room.


My nose is long and crooked.

My pet cat, Boo is black.

They say that I am wicked.

What is it that I lack?


My friends, they all are goblins,

and my father is a ghost.

My sister loves grave robbing,

and my brother loves brain toast.


I wish there was a potion,

to end this evil curse.

For I don’t have a notion,

and my life is getting worse.


So here’s a word of warning

to every child around.

If you were born on Halloween morning,

You best get out-of-town!   


In honor of Halloween and my birthday, I…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Spooky Pumpkins for Halloween

Scary faces evil and mean

Carved with malice and marked with fear

A creepy tradition year after year


Share your photo in the Weekly Photo Challenge:Silhouette. To make it easy for others to check out your photos, title your blog post “Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)” and be sure to use the “postaday″ tag.


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Christmas Grumble!

I love this time of year, it’s Autumn time,

with pumpkins in the fields for Halloween,

to leave out autumn would be such a crime

yet people seem to think it’s a has-been.

Why is there so much Christmas stuff about

when that season is still three months away?

Freshly Pressed has got a Christmas post out

and Christmas mug’s on 20 Lines today!

We’ve still another ten days left to go

before the ghouls and witches gives us frights

and then we have the fireworks and the show

of bonfire, Guy Fawkes and his noisy night.

And even then it’s seven weeks before

Christmas comes a-banging on our door.

I’m sick of seeing Christmas things about

It’s Halloween I keep wanting to shout out!

We attended a PUMPKIN Stroll



Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

The recreation department in our town held their  Third Annual PUMPKIN STROLL

The children came in beautiful costumes

They brought Carved Pumpkins for the contest

Vendors set up tables  with items for sale but they all had candy to pass out to the children  who also were Trick or Treating(dress rehearsal for the 31st)

We had a table with lots of candy as well and our raffle items for the Garden Club fundraising effort.

We donated 3  house plants for the Recreational Departments SILENT AUCTION for the many things they do for the towns Children

Have a look, after the heavy rains all night we were blessed with a beautiful day!






































Thanks for…

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