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Snake Bite

Snake bite dead of night

your verbal tirade began

I know not why

did the drink

lend you courage

venomous words

latched onto my heart

slithering unsuspected you enter

stalking your victim

dark room you sense

me hiding


taunting, wanting to


tongue flicking of hatred to

inflict pain to belittle me

to tell me I was worthless

saying that I’ve changed

venom strikes, your goal to penetrate

coursing my veins, swimming my skin

the skin you yearn

pleasure gained

you sneer, voice loud

sadistic grin your job was done

sliding away not looking back

laughing, leaving me


shaking glad to be



Don’t say forever

Whenever some one say forever,

I say never.

I can’t bear the promises,

The grief,

The love,

The words,

The hatred,

The jealousy,

The pessimism,

The trauma,

For not even now-

Then how forever!

Forever for me has never been anything,

But the moment which is now.

I don’t want to see the future.

I don’t want anything to know how it would be.

I care for what had happened.

I care for what is happening.

Nothing stays forever-

You know that,

I know that.


Don’t say forever,

Because I would say never ever.

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What I’m left with is Me…

It seems someone is angry at me

It seems someone has forgotten me

Both these feelings are now beyond any repair

I am now a part of someone’s hatred

But that doesn’t hurt me any more

For this is what I deal with everyday

A new foe comes by, unwanted and even sometimes unknown

An old friend ends the tie just like that

And sometimes even come out to be the new hater

Of my being

I never speak

I never talk

I never complain

I never speak those silly lies

Neither do I hope for those who are gone to come back

But why did they go in such a rush?

Leaving behind me in the bustle I could never be a part of

What I’m left with is me

I am my best friend

I am my worst enemy.


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