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Bedroom with moonlight and smoke

Twilight sparkles in violet eyes
that gaze upon a star-filled night
ponder the vastness of the world in view
questions if there is any more in this lifetime or the next

Moonbeams shower illustrious glory
a worried mind with hopes for tomorrow
soaks in the rays, feels the loving arms
of those gone before,
soothing lullabies for an ancient generation
raise laughter to the sky

Through thick and thin
disaster and delight
she takes the moon to be her partner,
her loving mistress of the night
who fuels her warrior spirit
and fills her with the courage to face each day
to know and recognize
that the pounding,  fleshy organ in her chest
brings life not from its incessant beating
but from its unending capacity
to hold us all within its crimson chamber

©SpiritLed 2014

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Heart of the Matter

Just one more day
in the grind, in the bind,
and the voice in your mind
seems to whisper,
“Never let go”

Try as you may,
you can’t rest in one place,
your heart seems to wander
no matter how still your
feet stay

Late, late at night
the process unfolds,
it flows and it grows
through fingers and toes
‘til it reaches the heart
of the matter

The blank page inside you
longs to be written
your heart spills its ink
on the landscape
of life

Through all of your foibles,
your fallacies and farces,
the path in your heart is still
inky and wet

Freshly drawn, slightly smudged,
but still good as new
patiently, quietly nudging you

©SpiritLed 2014


Echoes of Tomorrow’s Past

In your tear-filled rage
of not deserving,
time and space
collide with the moon
in your heart,
guide, seek,
draw you to the edge,
invite you
to cast your sorrows,
your excuses,
into the Unknown,
nothing more than
echoes of tomorrows past

©SpiritLed 2014

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Break the Silence While You Can………………

A Hospice room Times upA Hospice Room just vacated. The tick tok of the wall clock, the labored breathing through the night came to a sudden, gasp, shudder and then stillness. Then you might wish you would have said…………………   Say it now!


A heart is a funny thing

It keeps me alive

While tearing me apart sometimes.

A heartache is enough

To send you back to bed,

To hibernate the rest of the day

Until the aching subsides.

It has the potential for great amounts of joy

Lifting you out of the darkest muck

And yet can bring you right back

Down to it.

I live by my heart


Allowing it to show the course

To plot the way.

It lead my straight to you

Where I found home

Now we’re going to have to grow

To build strength while

We spend this time apart.

Human Connection

We all long for it

Connection with another human.

I see it from birth

Tiny arms that reach

Out to be held.

Children who curl up

On parents laps,

Who sit for hours

In play with each other.

Teens who spend

As many minutes in the day

As possible

Talking and laughing.

Adults who sit in communion

Over meals.

Hand shakes, smiles

Hugs, conversations.

Always searching for something deeper.

To find another who understands

A heart connection.




Band-aids . ..
Like relationships . .
Are necessary for all wound healing.

Their cohesiveness sticks
Like a second skin to a wound.
It shelters and protects the afflicted.

But there comes a time when . . .
Either the treatment rendered is finished
Or the wound needs air to breathe to heal.

. . . . So, you ask yourself . . . .

Band-aid . .
Do I rip you off quickly?
Or slowly?

The latter is still equally as painful
While giving a false sense
Of protection.

The sting is essentially the same.
The aftermath leaves you with
Black, sticky patches of where the
Once was. . . .

Its traces are hard to rub off your raw skin.



disaster, hazard

the time will run out

the silence will end

the clouds would burst open

the rain would lash down

blood would flow

scars would show

the heart would be torn open

the mind would go haywire

the time will run out

disaster, hazard

the sky would fall apart

and the land would burst in flames

disaster, hazard

only pain, suffering

would linger in the end.

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So long ago




Gone with the wind so long ago,

I still have a long way to go,
And on the road to gravity,
I will look for my liberty.


Though sometimes there are battles lost,
And though I have to pay the cost,
I will fight for some dignity,
If I can not avoid pity…


For I made my family sick,
I can’t do anything but stick
To the dearest ones in my heart
And wish we’ll never be apart.



I wish that I could be a prowling cat
or, ghostlike in the wall, hear pieces, bits
of whispered conversation. Oh. He quits?
How can this be? I feel my heart fall flat.

I wish my dad had not deserted us.
I wonder what we might have all become
if he’d not gone away and left us numb.
I felt a big subtraction, never plus.

I wish my father had approved of me,
shown his encouragement or his support.
Instead, he and my mom wound up in court,
their marriage then dissolved. He, fancy-free,

married again, then two times more. I saw
him try for happiness. O, how I begged
for his attention, but I had him pegged
right, and I sadly saw the fatal flaw

that kept him locked from free and easy back
and forth relationships. And how I wish
than cancer hadn’t spilled its nasty dish
into his lap to emphasize the lack

he must have felt. I stopped my wishing then,
forgave him, overlooked much, and calmed down.
He, after all, had shared his writing crown.
He’d lived Days One through Nine. Soon coming? Ten.


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The Phone Call

The phone would have rung about 11:00 this morning.

“Happy Thanksgiving, honey.”

My mom. And she did it on Christmas, and Easter, and our birthdays, and our anniversary, always that call to begin the day.

It’s been 17 years since I’ve heard that phone call. It was her habit. Call the kids and wish them a happy ____________(whatever). Her voice, tuned to the emotional strings of the day, rang into the depths of me. I could depend on it. Like clockwork, as they say. No call this morning, no voice…

…except in my heart, where I will always hear it.

‘’I love the way you love me’’

I love the way you make me feel

like I can tell you anything

I love the way you make me smile

like all my joy is yours to bring

I love the way you call my name

like all the world makes perfect sense

I love the way that you care

for everyone is so intense

I love the way that you love me

you have my heart it’s true and real

I love the way that I can say…

My dearest one, I love you so.


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