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Song of Love

Sing the song of love with me-

The song which you know by heart

but have hidden within the valleys of your heart,

let it come to you, let it guide you.

Sing the song of love-

The song that will end all this pain.

Let’s sing it together,

let us all sing it together

so as to engrave it in all our hearts.

Sing the song of love with me,

for it will bring the joy, the beauty in our souls.

Sing it with me- the song of love.

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Holiday Hearts: 20 Lines a Day Weekly Writing Challenge

A child’s heart fills with so much joy

On Christmas when she gets a new toy

And on Thanksgiving, giggles when prayer is said

She just cannot help it, though face becomes red.


Holidays all are so much fun

Though Christmas remained my favorite one

But through the years, with the passing of time

My thoughts on holidays are not as sublime


I still love the holidays, make no mistake

But now there are memories of loss, and heartbreak

That makes it a different feeling, you see

With mem’ries of those no longer with me


A holiday heart it changes, you know

As time passes on, loved ones come and go

But still, I will smile, and moments will thrill

For the children, and child’s heart inside of me still.


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