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Yesterday in Melbourne Australia

100.4F yesterday hot sun in Australia

Parches throat and toasts the fauna

Restless nights sleep

Throw off the doona


Crispens grass and crackles till dry

Sun in the sky blistering high

Dance bare footed across the sand

Lie on the towels to catch suntan


No cool air to dissipate heat

Hot gates to open, hot iron seats

Birds are silent in heat withdrawn

Heat makes you tired sleepy..yawn


Sun rays beam down washing gets dried

Towels all crunchy almost fried

Trees not moving no wind to stir

But this is the country I love ….AUSTRALIA




Summer (from ramblingsfromamum)

My body lies upon the sand and the warmth radiates and envelopes my every pore

I inwardly smile at how I feel, my senses are tingling and alive as I listen to the sounds of the waves tumbling

I have waited all year to feel this way

To be by the ocean to hear its sounds, to smell it


My hands dig into the soft and gritty like crystals and slowly I let each grain pass through my fingers

My eyes closed my breath draws in to absorb the perfume of the water, the smell of the warmest season

My eyes blink open and I stare to the sky above to watch the clouds dance in the wind that carries them

I watch as birds fly overhead and cry out making themselves known


So perfect the day the quietness, the stillness around me with only the waves and the sounds of feathered creatures

My mind escapes into the paradise, my thoughts tumble, like the waves they ebb and flow

How perfect, how serene at happiness complete

The seasons that make a difference to my feelings my emotions


I have waited for the warmth to feel the sand, to hear the ocean, to gaze into the water

I have passed through the cold and wintry months, the time of Spring and Autumn, with summer I am alive

This is my place, this is where I belong

I am content at peace


Why does this have such a hold on me?

Why am I happiest here?

I cannot say, is it because I am a water sign?



Some places make us feel alive more than others

Being near the water is mine

I have tranquility listening to the waves or stepping amongst the rock pools to watch the life below

I simply belong


Do you have a place where you belong?

Where your senses come alive

Where the sounds of all around you without an orchestra

Fulfills you and takes you to a place you may only have in your dreams…


Maggies Blues Sonnet Challenge


Hi – missed Maggie’s challenge yesterday and am late posting today. Forgot the heroic couplet and then had to add it back, needs work, but here it is.

We thought we’d got our summer here at last,

We thought we’d got our summer here at last,

We thought we’d got our summer, rain was past.


We waited for the birds to start to sing,

We waited for the butterflies to wing.

But Winter stretched out longer into spring.


Then August came and children left the schools

The holidays began, the heat was cruel,

But summer’s sun with winter had to duel.


At first those breezes on our skin felt sweet,

a welcome change from all the scorching heat,

but swiftly, winter had our summer beat.


The heat has gone, the days are getting cool.

September looms, that’s autumn, that’s the rule.

The summer’s gone and we are Nature’s fool.


We’re not in charge of summer or of rain

For Mother Nature has the bigger brain.


Dark Clouds (for the Monday Morning Writing Prompt)

by Imelda at My Word Wall

Dark clouds rolled in

marring the smooth blue of the sky

the breeze held its breath

the birds were quiet, with nary a sigh.

Will this be the day

when the rains come

to soothe the parched earth

long denied this balm.

Dust swirled about

mocking the awakened hope

as scars traced the land

proclaiming Dry Spell’s work.


I wrote this piece following the prompts from 20 Lines or Less:  smooth, soothe, work, dark.

Moth and Flame

we were like moths – hovering
around a flame – appealing…
caressing the edges of our kindred spirits –
enticing our souls
with the promise of
a life other than what has been…
like moths, we hovered – closer…
as if by hypnosis – we hovered closer still…
and in a trance, our wings started to burn…

This Morning’s Weather

The forecast called for temperatures in the high 90s or even 100s, humid and oppressive, a heat warning.

Stay hydrated, the meteorologists all said.

But the skies have opened up and are hydrating the parched ground. It is dark outside (not because it’s early morning but because of the storm) and thunder booms. The rain falls as if it’s been pent up and someone opened the floodgates (unintended pun). And the thermometer on our deck reads 64. I hope it never rises to the 90s. It’s so miserable when it’s that hot.

So…a reprieve from the heat…and the ground must be doing a happy dance as it receives the rain that won’t quit.


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