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vampiric breath rising up

history arrives


history arrives

multiple index entries

flesh life no longer


flesh life no longer

devoid of metal stone wood




memic fashion center stage

all for naught or else


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Easter Tolerance with a Twist of Irony

It is the year 2013.  Joshua looked like your average thirty three year old, but he was far from ordinary.  Joshua had proclaimed about three years ago that he was the son of God, and that he was to teach others the word of God.  He quickly found others willing to follow and spread his word.  But society did not believe he spoke the truth, and was corrupting others with his lies.  Joshua however did not let the others deter him from his beliefs, and his flock continued to grow.

His teachings and “miracles” that he could perform amazed his followers.  The bond between Joshua and his followers grew stronger, and in turn society ostracised and victimised him further.  Joshua only wanted to spread the word of God, and teach others how to live their lives so they could be with their Heavenly Father after death.  He gave direction to those lost, hope to the forgotten and meaning to those ill.

But Joshua did not teach the “truth” that others had inferred upon society.  Therefore society viewed him as a dangerous man, using cheap tricks and whimsical ideals to lure followers to his flock.  His was not a religion, but a cult.  A danger to the very fabric of the society we knew.  There was only one solution … a public trial and defamation.

The media hosted his trial in a series of intolerant documentaries and obscure interviews with unidentified ex-followers.  The claim that he believes himself to be the son of God mockingly repeated, just so we have no doubt of his ‘guilt’ and lack of credit.  Holy leaders are interviewed with silent laughs that paints their faces, as they politely dismiss the ‘lies’ of Joshua and we nod willingly.

Joshua remains silent throughout his trial.  The church and society find him guilty, and drag his beliefs through the dirt until those that follow are no more than blind sheep.  Publicly humiliated before finally hung out to dry in front of the world to see his ‘lies’ and that they are right.  It is the year 33AD.


Thanksgiving Challenge


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect

It is a time to be truly thankful for all you have

It is not about what you lost

Nor about what you never had

It is a day to bow your head and give many thanks

Many before you have suffered and gone without

You are blessed to have all that you do

Try to remember this as you sit with your family

Maybe even all alone

Praise your GOD  for the bounty set out before you

For the beautiful sky

The Stars up above

For the food on your plate

Maybe just the drink in your hand

Be thankful


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans

Happy Thanksgiving in the name of Peace and Sharing to all of you who live in this world with us.

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A Monument to Strong Hands & The Forgottens

I appreciate that this beautiful mausoleum is an erected testament to the MacLeay family of Portland, Oregon. But, for me, this structure, the highest amongst thousands of graves in the Lone Fir Cemertery, is a fascinating testament to stone masons and glass-smiths that carried out someone’s vision. No, it’s not a European edifice many hundreds of years old, but the craftsmen here were definitely a byproduct of those craftsmen. 

Project to Honor Chinese and the Insane Buried in unmarked graves here

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A Family Plot


Ladd Family Cemetary




Never knew life

Such a sad day it must have been



Colored Granite Grave Markers

Ladd Family Final Resting Place

As Halloween is getting closer these places see much destruction.

Old stones knocked over and broken in two.

Who raises children that seem to think this is something fun to do?

These days the dead do not get much time to REST IN PEACE.

I live beside a beautiful old place of rest and much destruction took place

before I moved here.

I watch over the dead.

Who else would?

I think they deserve respect.

Try to raise your children to respect these places.

As the holiday approaches call the police if you see

something going on in one, as you pass by.



So long ago… So far away…

So long ago so far away,

there came a new day

of beauty and joy,

of lust and coy-

when everything was fine

and the stars did shine

with their incandescent glow

their beauty, they did show.

Something came along then,

it was the time when

the things started to change,

everything became strange-

that time was when came

a very weird name-

the science beast, so queer

it came from the seer

who visited the lands

and analyzed the sands,

brought upon this anthology

for studying subjects like biology

the people were angry at first

and the cloud of anger did burst

but soon they adapted to this gift

which was responsible for every shift

in the nature of our history-

here comes the bizarre end of my story, so blustery.


Cash for GOLD




Gold is all over the TV these days

Shows my better half loves to watch

So many places  with signs that read


You know we hit the local streams

We find some too

We will never get rich but just being in the woods

is good for us.

I love the trips with him.  He brings home samples

for us to go through and I take photos to share with you

This is one of them.

There is actually Gold Rushes taking place today .

As the economy  gets worse we go back to the ways

of our fore fathers.  The 49 nrs didn’t get it all!


Old Tree…… Older car

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

We hit a local stream in upstate Vermont,  with Gold on our

mind and a place to cool off the pup,  on a hot summer day.


We made our way to the river with friends and it was so

peaceful there, under the trees.  Their two sons taught our

Border Collie how to swim.   I know she should have known but

she is a Herder not a Lab.  In large fields full of Sheep, they do not

get many chance to play in water.


So with the children having fun, I took off with my camera.

I came upon a very old truck that someone had decided was much too much

trouble to have it pulled out of the woods.  Wonder why it was there.

This is the first shot I took from the river.


The floorboards did not stop this tree from coming up through and growing into

a real…

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The Meaning of Legacy


Legacy is a profound word. It tells us that what we are getting ready to read or hear will be known for generations to come.  I like to think of myself as the keeper of a legacy.  Each of us has a legacy, whether we want to or not, whether we share it or not.  I take pride in every one who came before me, for their struggles, their triumphs and yes, even their failures.  That is who I am, who we are as a nation, as a people. I encourage each of you to take the time to preserve the story of who you are, your family’s story,  and to fill up that now-empty page with what the future holds.

The Almond and The Teeth

The almond fights with my teeth,

The molars who want to get rid of it,

But dear almond wants to stick over there,

Tangled in between the wells of teeth.

My teeth call for help,

The tongue sets in the fight,

Tries to wiggle out the almond,

But the almond is too stubborn,

The tongue is not going to retreat,

But for how long?

The most powerful must be called,

The one the almond fears the most.

Hence, my teeth invoke the hands to go,

And pick up a tooth pick,

Take it within the mouth and jerk,

And jerk that jerk out of the molars.

The almond cries but no one cares,

The tiny almond is swallowed;

And the tooth pick is thrown,

For who cares now?

The teeth are fine,

And the tongue is back to business.

Almond is history ,

And tooth pick- what about it?


Those Old Places: Don’t You Ever Wonder?


As you push on, heading from one point to another, you pass those old places off the highway. Setting there alone, usually abandoned, visited only by the harsh weather and the occasional person with a camera.

I often wonder who originally stopped along the way on some wagon rutted road or dirt tract and considered the vistas, the land, the water, or lack thereof, and the possibilities. Were they alone? Was it two brothers, a man and woman, a family, a lone soul? What time of year was it? How did they come by the building materials and how long did it take to build the home? 

What dreams did they have? They had probably escaped the confines of civilization, but were they lonely? 

Those Old Places: Don’t You Wonder? @ SwittersB


Last Supper

I remember sitting across from you at that restaurant twenty years ago in the summer. What would I have said differently had I known I would never sit opposite you again?

This was our last supper. I remember the place; it’s still there.  It’s less than a mile from the house I am living in now.  I remember the food was greasy.  (Still is.)  I remember we argued about money and time for the last time.

Where did you go? How easy was it for you to get there?

Your life was without a father so mine was, too.

I tried to visit your father’s grave but couldn’t find it. I will try again.

All of this to say I will try again.


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