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Many Faces of Loneliness


“Loneliness is an unpleasant feeling in which a person feels a strong sense of emptiness and solitude resulting from inadequate social relationships.”

Sisters hardened by an ugly man,

who escaped his wrath

by running into the night.

They left home, scars lacing their bodies.

They left home, with nary a bag.

They left home with nary an idea of who they were.

Life became their man,

their things, their perception of  self.

Their men died. They unwound.

They never did know which face was theirs.

They hid amongst their stuff.

Loneliness took hold, they’d had enough. 

Such vile evil is a hand raised to a child.



What Treasures Contained……….

What Treasures Contained……..

A beautiful, ceramic container,

with the ornate roses on the lid.

It has been tucked away

in a far corner, in the dark, 

for oh so many, many years.

Confined by the accumulations of hoarding.

At last freed from the confines,

the beautiful little container

receives the first light,

from a window across the room.

What treasures are contained beneath the lid?

Clash in the Mind

So much of what passes through here is about transitions, the journey of life from one stage into another…looking back….looking ahead.

With that in mind, I sold my folks ‘old house’ less than a year ago. It had become a hoarding house, but I must say the front was always maintained with some degree of love and dignity.

To test several old adages, the old house has recently challenged me thusly: ‘you can never go back’  & ‘to each their own’. The photographs speak of transitions and challenge me to move on. I look upon it now as a mix of bittersweetness, agitation, humor and catalyst.

The old house as it was 10 months ago at the time of sale.

The old house two months ago.

The old house, this morning, with the addition of new trim on around the windows and the railing.

The homes in this neighborhood are neat and relaxed. No one is pretentious, nor pinched in their attitudes. Yet this progression, even for Portlandia, flies in the face of my sense of neighborliness. 

Yes, I am challenged on so many levels to turn away, to move on, to do the mental calculations that affirm this is none of my business, ‘to each their own’. Did I say there was humor in my considerations?


Old Salutations to Willie


In a box, long forgotten, inside my Aunt’s Hoarding Home, I found an old autograph book. Apparently, a few of William/Willie’s admirers left inscriptions inside, along the way, to say hello.

The age of the book, the cursive writing, the wit, the formality just makes it intriguing to me. Not sure who Willie was. I don’t believe this was just a curious addition to her hoarding stuff.


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A Vision Lost?


This unique curvature in the brick work of an old building caught my eye. First, I saw the ‘too much stuff’ sign and my mind grabbed at that right away. ‘I need that shot for my Hoarding Woes blog’. I took a shot of just the sign and then saw the unfortunate contrast of that brash sign against the old brick work and the very unique curvature of the front of this corner lot building. I don’t believe I have seen another building like this in the Portland area. It sets abandoned and padlocked in a depressed part of  town. Maybe some monied, visionary will push farther East into this area and reclaim this boarded up gem.




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