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A Monument to Strong Hands & The Forgottens

I appreciate that this beautiful mausoleum is an erected testament to the MacLeay family of Portland, Oregon. But, for me, this structure, the highest amongst thousands of graves in the Lone Fir Cemertery, is a fascinating testament to stone masons and glass-smiths that carried out someone’s vision. No, it’s not a European edifice many hundreds of years old, but the craftsmen here were definitely a byproduct of those craftsmen. 

Project to Honor Chinese and the Insane Buried in unmarked graves here


Clearly doing no damage to the land



It gets such a bad rap.

We are careful as we vacuum the gravels.

You have to quit watching all that TV crap.

When we are done  we pack it up again, and get ready to travel.


We screen it down till there is fine Gold and black sand.

We also find lots of Garnets in this stream as well.

We have yet to come home rich as we have planned.

We always leave the trout a better place to dwell.



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