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20 Lines a Day..Thanksgiving Photo Challenge


I am thankful for the new day…timzauto

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Thanksgiving day is filled with family and friends , I know we are also busy with events , football, eating ..lol and socializing …I would like to challenge you all to just one picture that describes what you are thankful for….so thruout today just snap one picture and post , maybe we all can see the different ways everyone is thankful for….tag your posts with TGphotochallenge so we can check your pics and enjoy your way of being thankful…Thanks for posting and lets get snapping those photos


Unnatural Fireworks


The noisy booms from the sky, streaks of color lighting the clouds,

Yes, it’s the fourth of July, but Mother natures rules this year.

The tiny creek is a raging river, littered with trees, bird feeders, toys.

Our grave driveway is underneath the water that blocks the road.

My dad worked at the Tennessee Valley Authority when I was a kid.

Their job was to try to manage flood control. Where there were floods,

We went to photograph, special phone numbers told river levels.

We filled out charts in the days when a main frame took up a room-did one thing.

It’s in my blood. Two of my sons son and two friends sloshed up the road.

The water running down what used to be roads, way to deep to be safe.

Taking videos, pictures, laughing, giving up on umbrellas, soaked to the skin.

Though we laughed, it was muted, somber. We knew why the yards of mud came.

Our mountain city is obsessed with getting rich people from other places to come here.

Strip the vegetation so they can “see” from houses we couldn’t dream of.

We shout to no one, “GO HOME!” CLEAN UP THIS MESS!” But they keep coming.

The collapsed retaining wall and 8 feet of lost land are somehow “our” problem.

I know how the native Americans felt. For “white folks” we’ve been here a long time.

The 1780 US Census lists us in this county, by 1840, we were on this road.

We have lived in this house 5 generations and now my kids can’t afford to live her.

Something is really wrong with this. It used to be a quiet farming community.

I can’t help it, I am mad. I know good people have come here too.

For all the greedy developers, mostly bankrupt before to long, I have one message,”Go the heck home, glare down on your “lessers”, ruin their land, build mansions, ruin the land,

and don’t forget to take pictures of w=what life was like before you ruined it for them.

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The Resolution

“So,” Mr.  Shelburn smirked, as he swayed by my desk, already overloaded with work that accumulated during the holiday. “What is your New Years Resolution?”

I forced myself to breathe in-slowly. I was seething inside.

“Sure,” he laughed, glancing down at the mass of papers that seemed to clutter my desk already.

“Hmm,” I sighed, looking up at his arrogant grin. “You want a resolution? “ I stacked the pile of papers, crumpled them into a  wad, then merrily tossed them into the trash can.

“My promise is to realize what is REALLY important in life, and do away with the rest.”

Suddenly, everyone smiled.


Have A Holly Jolly Christmas


The male is above


and this is the female





I bought these two plants for my parents and placed them into the ground as tiny plants in 2000 twelve years later they are shoulder height on me and need to be pruned but every time I want to Mom says “Then I won’t have flowers or berries for the birds.”   Gee even I Trim MINE


Holly is one of those plants that make you think of Christmas

Have a Very Merry Christmas

Peace and Love



In the Days of Long Ago

One day, we gather around the fire,
Eat and sip warm drinks
in thanks for all we have.

The next day, as if to purge ourselves
of any of  the warmth of hearth and home.
We awake before dawn.

We rush into the lines of traffic,
the masses of souls pushing  each other.
Complain and wait to stroke our credit cards.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah!
The bells and the red kettles beside
smiling, shivering volunteers.

I miss the days my grandma remembered.
Hunting a tree in the pasture,
A stocking with fruit and candy,

Eight candles in the night.
Thinking of why we have so much.
Hoping our children remember that one day.

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I Want Time

In our small town the light posts are all decked
in Christmas garb. The carols have begun.
But why? I want to know. The ground’s still flecked
with leaves. The costumed goblins had their fun,

Thanksgiving’s not yet here. We need to rest
around each celebration, let it steep.
I wish anticipation in the quest
that waiting brings. Excited children creep

toward Christmas trees and Santa. But we spoil
much happiness by heaping holidays
upon another, overlapping soil
of Halloween on giving thanks, a maze

diluting Christmas. In my perfect world,
each should enjoy its own significance.
The flags of holidays should be unfurled
by bits, allowing us to see their dance.



It’s September now

Four months left in the year

The weather will be cooler

Soon the holidays will be upon us

Family gatherings

Laughter and hugs

Where did the year go

It started off so lovely

Rapidly turned so cold

Life turned cold and harsh

But that was then

As it begins to cool outside

It’s warmer now within

Life is beginning to burst forth

As if it’s spring, not fall

Seasons come and go

No matter the weather

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Holiday Hearts: 20 Lines a Day Weekly Writing Challenge

A child’s heart fills with so much joy

On Christmas when she gets a new toy

And on Thanksgiving, giggles when prayer is said

She just cannot help it, though face becomes red.


Holidays all are so much fun

Though Christmas remained my favorite one

But through the years, with the passing of time

My thoughts on holidays are not as sublime


I still love the holidays, make no mistake

But now there are memories of loss, and heartbreak

That makes it a different feeling, you see

With mem’ries of those no longer with me


A holiday heart it changes, you know

As time passes on, loved ones come and go

But still, I will smile, and moments will thrill

For the children, and child’s heart inside of me still.


The Holiday Challenge!

The year end holidays,

When it all goes still,

Every one takes some rest,

From the fast paced life,

A moment of remembrance,

Of the year that is ending,

A moment of sheer pleasure,

With Christmas and New Years’ Eve,

Giving the joy of celebration.

If you would give me a chance,

To stay for ever after in a fixed time,

It would be this very time of year ending,

Where I would stay, clear of the competitions,

Away from the repercussions,

Just live in those holidays,

With stomach full with warming food,

Getting wrapped in blankets,

Lying around- seeing the celebration around.

These holidays I would say,

Are the one I like the best.


July 4th challenge …..update

Please everyone submit your work for July 4th challenge one day only ends tonight ….winner wins this award above for your blog!

We will continue this challenge all week it will end Sunday night for submissions and Tuesday at 6 pm for voting ….If you wish to submit another , that’s also great….

Everyone join in , all who share win

  1. nutsfortresure and Eunice’s pics  July 4th entry

  2. maggie  
  3. Melissa Hassard 
  4. timzauto
  5. The Laundry Maid  And her Photo waiting on candy
  6. Anne Sikes 
  7. beebeesworld
  8. Clive the cat
  9. Onleilove
  10. ndzeid1

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July 4th challenge submitted by Clive the cat

July 4th to me

walking in smells , sounds

hovering close to the ground

sly cat strut , from person to person

stopping at everyone A through Woodson

rubbing and feeding I’m getting it all

eating so much I barely can crawl

July 4th is for people and cats related

Independence Day for me is long-awaited

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Morning air..

English: Morning still-life. Monotypy. 2004

English: Morning still-life. Monotypy. 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

         I get up everyday to the same smell of rejuvenated life . The attitude of the past slowly leaving as the new fills the day . I sometimes get stuck in the past as we all have small failures while we heal and look for future success . This particular morning the feelings a bit stronger , the fresh air engulfs my being like the sight of a newborn life . The flood of emotions that haunted my day are being sorted , revisited , processed  so future feelings can be dealt with in a more resourceful manner without the fear of relapse . I have been so afraid of feeling , I have regressed my natural sense of  livelihood . I have accepted less from my day-to-day existence , hiding from the joys of family and friends only to be living in lies from one to another . This new day , today’s new air has something for me , I feel it . I know I’m here for a reason , this feeling , this caress that life holds for me is overflowing today . I love the smell of morning air……..


Homesick challenge written by (Lindy Lee)

Always & Never by Lindell Vecchio
She never refused whenever I asked,
‘Mother, pretty please, would you starch my sash?’
She washed our laundry and hung it outside
With wood pins on Daddy’s homemade clothesline.
Each piece she wrung through a hand-cranked wringer.
Daddy named it our “Wash House Humdinger.”

She never turned down requests to prepare
Menus appropriate holiday fare.
She boiled, broiled, braised, barbecued and deep-fried.
She baked, flaked, glazed, chopped, and caramelized
Sweet treats and meats from scratch with skill, year round.
Daddy said, “Mama makes cookin’ profound.”

She always said, “Yes”, whenever I asked,
‘Mother, pretty please, would you tie my sash?’
She kept a clean house without any help.
She had just a broom, a mop, and herself.
No spot on the floor, a pot, or a pan,
Daddy thanked her for our home, “spic ‘n span.”

She never had thought of a vacation.
With less than a high school education,
She balanced the checkbook and paid the bills.
She purchased supplies and she nursed our ills.
Daddy said, “Mama is good with numbers
And, she is one of the world’s great wonders.”

She always woke up whenever I screamed,
‘Mother! Mother!’, when I had a bad dream.
She was up and dressed ahead of daylight.
She labored all day and into the night.
Daddy said, “Mama does so much alone.
Besides, she also works outside the home.”

She always told me when I was refused,
“You sure don’t want them if they don’t want you.”
Nothing in writing lest the world should read;
Talk not of others or plant gossip seed.
“Mama has the gift of gab,” Daddy said,
She is self-sufficient and real well read.”

She always complied and never refused,
‘Mother, when you go, please let me go, too?’
Daddy said, “This time she cannot take you.”
© April 2006; December 2011


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