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I’m Back

I really feel terrible about not working on my poem for two days, but I had a seizure just following my cataract surgery on Tuesday, and had to spend the night in the hospital. I’m still very tired, but I’ll get back to work on my poem today. My intention was to stay at it every day of the month.

“The best-laid plans….”

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Stilled…For a Time

I learned this morning that a dear, dear friend had a stroke on Saturday. He’s in a local hospital but is being transferred to Chicago tomorrow or Wed. He is the father of five, the oldest of whom is a nurse. When I called she was with him. He’s not up for visits yet. His right side is not moving, his speech is slurred, he is sleepy, and very frustrated. Intense physical, occupational and speech therapy are ahead for him in rehab as soon as he arrives in Chicago.

He was with his oldest son when it happened, and because J. noticed that B.’s speech was so affected, he called 911 immediately. His daughter the nurse said it’s now been 48 hours, he has good tone, has wiggled his toes a little, and has been up twice. On the other hand, he’s having a lot of trouble forming thoughts into words. She said, “Mentally, he’s Dad.” Doctors say his prognosis is good for a good recovery.

Things like this are such a shock. This is a guy who works hard physically, has a great spirit and sense of humor, and is a father extraordinaire. For a time he is stilled but I can’t wait until he returns to vigorous health.


The Man In The Window…..young Terrance continued …

I have been snooping and hunting for more info on young Terrance . I can find nothing about his body being found , or any burial information either. I did however find  information of a hospital stay before he was reported missing. I do records aren’t all that trustworthy from this time , but when I researched hospital records I was very surprised. The first surprising fact was there were several stays in the hospital for young Terrance , Eight to be exact . They were all for pretty much the same thing , he seemed to have a recurring stomach ailment . The visits all were about the same amount of time which was 3 to 5 days each . One more thing that stood out was every time he was checked in , it was Theodore’s signature admitting him. He was reported missing on a Monday , just getting out of the hospital three short days before that.

I really want to look at police records as well , but I’m not sure where to go. I’m kinda curious if this was written off as a kidnapping or if there is anymore info out there.  It ‘s also very funny that all I speak with always remember of him being a little puny , but not about being in the hospital . I do know this family stayed to them selves and have already heard some crazy things people had spread during these times . My interest is shifting to the 1940s when young Terrance was growing up, as this information is very hard to come by. I am going to a town office to get any info I can find .

I have made up my mind to turn this into a book so when I get all the info I will write and publish under this same title ..Please pass this story around , share on your Facebook profiles and tell your friends , Please click like , I sure thank all for reading …timzauto..


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What’s In A Name?

Daffy Duck, as he appears in The Looney Tunes ...

Daffy Duck, as he appears in The Looney Tunes Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) - Also a name I would have agreed to while I was sedated!

I know this is going to be a shocker, but I occasionally choke on the foot I stick in my mouth at times. I thought I’d share one of those bright, shining moments in my life.

When my son DJ was born, he was very, very premature, and due to a loss of a lot of blood, I was unconscious the entire delivery. Because it was a little country hospital, DJ had to be helicoptered to a larger hospital in Dallas, some two hours away. So, when I woke up, my son was not there. Very distressing for a new mother, to say the least.

To transfer hospitals, a child has to have a name on his birth certificate, and normally, the mother is the one that fills this form in. However, because I was clearly out of it, my then-husband, Dennis, had to fill out the form. And being Dennis, he decided to trash the name we’d agreed on — Michael Anthony — for a name that embodied his own family — William Harold. :-(

Now, in fairness to Dennis, he insists that I told him this was okay sometime that drugged night, and I am going to even say that they may have been possible. But I was heavily sedated, so I would have named the kid Daffy Duck or Mickey Mouse at that point. He should have stuck to the name that we agreed on.

It took me a month to heal from the birth of my son, and all along, as I’m talking to my family and friends, I’m calling my baby Michael. Dennis, obviously nervous, says nothing to me, until I’ve finally been released from the hospital and am headed to Dallas to meet my new baby. That is when I find out that my son has been named William Harold Bell. And that Den’s family is calling him Billy Bell. O.M.G. I was pissed. Billy Bell???

Sure enough, there was my absolutely beautiful little boy with a placard on his crib with the horrifying name Billy Bell. Immediately, I made the nurse take it down and put up a placard that said William Bell. I needed some time to fix this, but now wasn’t the time. In the end, I changed his nickname to DJ. It doesn’t stand for anything. I just didn’t want him to be called Billy. Being poor, we were stuck with the name.

Flash forward to a couple of years ago, I was telling this story to some new biker friends of Chef’s (my present husband). In the biker culture, almost everyone uses biker names, so you almost never really know what the people around you’s real names are, and such was the case with the guy I was talking to. His reaction was odd when I finished my story. Slowly, he pulled out his wallet and showed me his identification. William Harrold.

I’d just insulted this man’s name. I totally suck.


Breast Implants & The Sally Jesse Raphael Show

Catherine aka "Bird":

How I found my Dad the first time…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

I have had some pretty weird stuff happen to me, as you can probably tell from prior posts in my blog. Here is yet another one that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Be a fiction writer? I don’t think so. I couldn’t come up with stuff like this if I tried…..

Growing up. my mother hid my brother and me so that our father couldn’t find us. They had battled long and hard in the courts for years. But, at the last-minute, right before I had to march into court and pick which parent I would live with, something happened and my custody was granted to my mother. The story of what a liar I was back then is here. The reprieve saved my sorry little rear-end, but it also metaphorically sealed my father out of my life growing up.

Being an abused kid, I imagine I…

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