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Falling deep

Thoughts of you haunt my dreams

full-fledged sorrow , to fading extremes

want our lives to be more than most

now our togetherness is only a ghost

time goes on , falling deeper in mind

positive influences I’m starting to find

unplugging my life , all that I knew

the hardest I’ve done , I’m almost through

dark getting brighter , the more that I pray

now I have help , to show me the way

5 Liners – A Round



Thinking machine

Not working today.

Busy week end, tired.




Refresh me.

Not working today.

Too much to do.




Exhibition coming.

Not working today.

Running around in circles.




Do nothing?

Not working today?

Need off switch for




A Bowl of Soup

I wish I had a bowl of soup

Alas, but I do not.

But if I had a bowl of soup

I’d like it nice and hot


But not too hot, just warm enough

To soothe my throat so sore

And if the soup was good enough

I might just ask for more


But since I have no bowl of soup

I’ll make a cup of tea

The herbal kind with lemon

And delightful, sweet honey


I hope you like this little poem

Though it’s not some great verse

Remember, while it’s not the best

I’ve penned, by far, much worse.


The Crocotiggersaurous

Apologies if you’ve seen this before, but I was reminded of it by a small person and thought I would share it again.

Reblogged from http://patwoodblogging.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/the-crocotiggersaurus

I have a special pet

Her name is Harriet

And I found her in a wood some time ago.

She’s been with me for a while

And she really makes me smile

She’s a Crocotiggersaurous with one toe.

When I found her she was small

But now she’s grown quite tall.

To get her in my bedroom is a squee-eeeze.

Her head is very wide

So she turns it on its side

And crawls in through the door upon her knees.

She eats breakfast lunch and tea

Pretty much the same as me

Though she doesn’t like fish fingers (and I do).

She wears daddy’s ancient shirts,

My mummy’s jeans and skirts

And one single lace-up pointy big black shoe.

She can’t come to school with us

So she kicks up quite a fuss

Till mummy has to give her nose a blow.

She is waiting after school

With skipping rope and bat and ball

And we play games until my friends all have to go.

And when it’s time to go to sleep

We snuggle down inside the sheets

And we cuddle and she rocks me to and fro.

She cuddles very tight

And she keeps me safe all night.

She’s my Crocotiggersaurous with one toe.

OVID says…

Since I’ve been talking of and showing art, plus poetry, I thought I’d leave you with a quote from Ovid -

Of its own accord my song would come in the right

rhythms, and what I was trying to say was poetry.

Well lucky Ovid!

Sometimes my ‘song’ comes in the night,

and sometimes rhymes,

but mostly if it comes out right …

the rhyme marches in thyme


[006] Limericks

When I’m not dreaming, I write. And when I’m not writing or dreaming, I wake up and go to school. These limericks are the results of me drifting off in English class.

Now Mike, don’t you dare spill that beer,
For if you do, laddie, I fear
I’ll leap off this here stool
And lap up the pool
Like I done at your wedding last year!

Eight syllables are in this line.
Some critics will try to divine
A method to meter
They think to be neater
Than a beat-count that ought not be nine.

The was an old rotter from Cork
Whose beard had a terrible fork -
One day he did cough
like a great raspy chough
And out fell a whole leg of pork.

There once was a man named Fitzhugh
Who wore many a steel-toed shoe.
From behind he did spy
A stalker-like guy;
With shoe, he beat him black and blue.

On the street I once talked with a bum
Who, nearly about to succumb,
Said, “Why don’t you all see?
That uncertainty
Of taxes is really quite dumb!”

Sometimes in Lit class I’m ignored,
So then I don’t draw on the board
But write limericks
To quick get a fix
Of a writing style rather abhorred.


My Brain (A Rispetto Challenge)

If you’d like to try a Rispetto, here are the rules. Shadow Poetry – Rispetto

Here’s my effort, with a bit of frustration and a bit of humor. :)

My Brain (A Rispetto)


It seems that my brain has a mind of its own

Won’t do what I tell it, as hard as I try

The thoughts just keep coming, won’t leave me alone

I’m trying to focus, it leads me to sigh


I’m needing to study, and did just a bit

The dumb doorbell rang, and I said, “Oh, I quit!”

I’ll sit here a moment and take a deep breath

And then get back to it, though it be my death!




Lizzie the Lizard

This is from SwittersB‘s suggestion on my Name That Abstract Challenge. :)  The last one, “Heartbreak”, I forgot to mention in that post, was from nutsfortreasure‘s suggestion.  Sorry about that, Eunice!  The links are both going under this week’s Poetry Challenge.  I’m looking forward to seeing some poems from all y’all! :)

Lizzie the Lizard is chasing her tail

Watching it fly, and through the air sail

If Lizzie should catch it, oh how she will wail!

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One Big Mess (More Shades of Seuss)

I do not like a hurricane

A hurricane is just a pain

A hurricane is one big mess

Of windy, gusty, blowing rain


Now Isaac wants to come our way

It may be here by late Tuesday

I don’t like Isaac, I confess

I wish he would just go away


I hope that I’m not sounding rude

But hope we have enough canned food

I cannot find the flashlights yet

If we can’t find them, that’s not good


Okay, so ‘good’ did not quite rhyme

So shoot me, was it such a crime?

I am not perfect, though I try

At least not perfect all the time


I think that I will shut my mouth

This conversation’s going south

I wish the storm was going there

Instead of coming to my houth…HOUSE…HOUSE!


Shades of Seuss

(Wrote this quick poem this morning and read it to my daughter, who said it was very ‘Dr. Seuss like’. :)  I like that! Tee hee!)

Shades of Seuss

I cannot be another me

The only me’s the one you see

I wouldn’t even want to be

‘Cause that would mean that I’m not free


Not free to just be who I am

Sometimes a nut, sometimes a ham

Sometimes stuck in a sticky jam

But always me…yes sir, yes ma’am


Yes ma’am, yes sir, it’s a safe bet

Tomorrow I’ll have not changed yet

The same applies to you, my pet

You are the only you I’ve met.


Hyper Vigilance in Repose (Penny the Cat)

Penny the Cat is ever vigilant. Many hours a day she stares out the windows watching the movements of all manner of life’s twitterings outside. She meows, paces, cants her head this way and that. If she snoozes, it is out of my sight.

So, the other day, I had my camera in hand and there was Penny upside down, spread out, asleep atop a chair. I approached. She snoozed. Odd. I took a dozen pictures. She yawned, she stretched, she licked her paw, she gazed at me through half open eyes. Penny hadn’t a care in the world. The world was moving along outside without her. A very rare who cares moment from Penny.


Penny Mid-Yawn. Those piercing teeth clearly visible. A little tartar buildup it appears. The hair on the chair makes it evident this is where Penny sometimes lays her head. Vacuuming is in order. Isn’t a good lens so helpful,, if not embarrassing.

A quick grooming lick, the camera clicking away doesn’t alarm her.

Penny, mildly interested, and seemingly saying ‘go away’.


The Potato Chip Gene

I like potato chips.

It runs in my family.

The potato chip gene is passed down

To one of us randomly.


Some brands are better

But I prefer Lays

Just the original chips except for BBQ

For those I like Jays.


I try not to eat them.

They are bad for my health.

If you want to tempt me

I’ll take chips over wealth.


Chips are addicting

I have that weird gene.

I crave them often

I am the chip queen.


No crunching around me

It hurts my chip brain.

Existing with such limits

Is causing much pain.


I need a pill or a potion.

To end my chip habit.

Until then I’ll try to eat carrots.

And make like a rabbit.


I know that this poem

Sounds a bit lame

But, my rhyming is off

The chip gene is to  blame.


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