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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Originally posted on Grandmother Musings:

Don’t mess with Grandmother’s sewing scissors!  These are sacred and may not be used for anything but sewing.  If you touch them, you will be electrocuted or worse. These are MINE!


Join the Daily Post at WordPress. com ~ Photo Challenge.  Find a picture that represents the theme MINE.  Label your post “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine.  Be sure to tag with the “postaday” tag.  It is so much fun!




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Challenge… No, just write! :)

All the writers over here at 20 lines as well as elsewhere on wordpress, here is a poetry challenge in which you have to write a humorous poem regarding your most favourite possession which has become an intricate part of your life and it is very difficult for you to imagine spending days without it.

Here is my poem-

Oh thee, my hair band,

The one that can be worn by men and alone men.

Thy existence makes my day,

Marks the wave you provide to my hay like hair,

Oh thee, my hair band,

I love thee, my hair band.

That is plain ridiculous, I know. But I want to read what you all beautiful bloggers come up with in this cheesy sort of challenge.


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