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I finally solved my problem. Yes, it took a long time, and I was getting frustrated along the way. What I found was that I’d not highlighted the entire code, and I had used an image widget rather than a text widget.

I might never change themes again!

Oh, undoubtedly I will, as I like change, but this has been a bit of a go.

Tech Help, Anyone?

I come again asking for tech help. Here’s what I need, and I hope someone can help me. I know I did this once, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out a second time.

I have just changed the theme on my Brainstorms blog (maggiemendus.wordpress.com). I have put the image for the 20 Lines badge in my sidebar, but I want readers to be able to click on it to be linked directly to 20 Lines.

I know that the URL has .jpg at the end, and that is undoubtedly why clicking on it now takes me to the image. I have tried leaving off the .jpg, but that doesn’t work. I just get a message on my sidebar that says to configure the widget settings.

I know there must be a way to grab the image from 20 Lines and put it on my sidebar as a widget. This is what I had before. I need it to be clickable so readers can be taken right to 20 Lines.

Can some of you techies out there help me? I’m hoping this is something simple.

Thank you in advance.

Forgotten Harvest……..

A very old apple tree near a 142 year old, vacant farm house. Large, red, apples past their prime. I am not sure about the variety of apple, but typically these are not the types found laying about…usually Crabapples.


‘Morning Rose’


A Morning Rose….First Light

Early morning in the back yard. Birds chirping. Cat in the window looking out, tail swishing. A bed of roses neglected this Summer. My Mom’s roses transplanted here after her death. Old roses. Sentimental roses. I see one beautiful rose in magnificent repose. The others, past their prime, chastise me. ‘Where have you been?’



Thank You

Not ten, not thirty, but just 20 Lines,
this is a place to write or photograph.
I sometimes get to 20, often half
of that is all I write. We search the mines

for diamonds in the rough, a word or scene
that captures our imaginations, turns
the dark to light with chandelier that burns
through midnight. Images and poems mean

a different thing to you or me. To read or see
the other artists’ work gives me a lift
and makes me know I have encountered Gift.
Thank all of you for so enriching me.


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