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A Monument to Strong Hands & The Forgottens

I appreciate that this beautiful mausoleum is an erected testament to the MacLeay family of Portland, Oregon. But, for me, this structure, the highest amongst thousands of graves in the Lone Fir Cemertery, is a fascinating testament to stone masons and glass-smiths that carried out someone’s vision. No, it’s not a European edifice many hundreds of years old, but the craftsmen here were definitely a byproduct of those craftsmen. 

Project to Honor Chinese and the Insane Buried in unmarked graves here


Did you know I could stay here all day?

Did you know I could stay here all day?

writing and wasting away

words keep coming

releasing a gorge

an orgy of thumping

dancing syllables surge

playing on my tongue, jumping in my head

begging to display

Did you know I could stay here all day?

I love this feeling, intensity and healing

pleasing my body with luscious-ness

reeling, bleeding from my mouth to this page

Did you know I could stay here all day?

penning and pining, bated breath reclining, waiting

for something to say

it’s night-time now, but time is out-of-place

when images are flying, bouncing from space to grace this

page alive, with such disgrace

emboldened, completely burning away

Did you know I could stay here all day?

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