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I kept hearing that sound-a mix of a far away scream and the howling of wind through some strange rock formation. “What was it?” I wondered as I sat huddled by the campfire with my brother and his friend.

We were both frightened and intrigued. Should we take off into the forest with only the moonlight and a small lantern to guide us, or ignore it, crawl into our warm sleeping bags in the tent and forget it?

And then we saw her, silhouetted against the rock at the top of the mountain. Her mystery and beauty held us all captive.

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There for Her, by guest contributor Pamela Wells

There for Her

By the rain drenched window

wrapped snuggly in imagination

she finds herself once again

immersed in day dreams of him

taking her

far beyond the familiar scenes

of predictability and for once

to just be there

waiting for her

between the realism and nonsense

battling over the white noise

housed in her beautiful mind

shielding her

of a life revealing

he was always there

waiting for her

just outside her imagination

standing in the pouring rain.


by Pamela J. Wells

Her blog is http://maiasong.wordpress.com


Thank you, Pam, for sharing your wonderful work – and imagination – with us.  — Melissa

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What Magic Lurks Inside

Not to pull you away from the Magic looming beyond the arch, but that arch suggests so much doesn’t it? Time, weather, magic, and design. Such things are beyond my ability to fathom. So, when I came upon a site explaining design, math and construction I thought I would share it with those of you that can not only write well but comprehend mathematics. Now go back to the Magic and writer’s imagination.


Dr. Seuss Challenge

The turtle came out of the Zanzibar Lake

and looked all around. “Now, who should I take

on adventures with me?” The girls and the boys

all jumped, waved their hands, and left their beach toys.

“Well, first we will stop at the Mudgy-Fudge Store.

Choose whatever you want, and then choose some more.

Then maybe a trip to the shoe store. We’ll buy some new shoes,

and that will be headlines in Zanzibar News.

Let’s go to the fair and buy great big balloons,

then off we’ll go skiing down slippery dunes.

Who’s coming? I ask you again. Who’s coming with me

on all of my travels? Come, Susie and Lee

and Fredric and Jane. Join up with me now,

you’ll be glad that you did. Look, see that pink cow?

She gives strawberry milk that tastes yummy-yum.

You won’t want to miss a small crumble or crumb

of the Universe Bakery’s cookies and cakes

made of raspberry frosting and chocolate fudge lakes.

And then, as I ponder, I think we should fly

on the backs of some eagles high up in the sky.

Look down and see trains just as tiny as specks

but be careful, my friends, and don’t hurt your necks.

We’ll land in a field of soft fluffified grass

and hear the bells ringing, those bells made of brass,

announcing that school is about to begin.

Wait, stop, do not cry. Please put back your grin.

My friends, worry not, I will take you with me,

my pals Jane and Fredric and Susie and Lee.

No assignments or chalk dust or homework for you….

just me, Mr. Turtle, who makes dreams come true.”


How the flamingo flaps the wings,

How the butterfly flutters them up,

How much wonder there is to see,

How much imagination there is to imagine,

How it would be for me to flap, flutter my wings,

My wings of vanity.


Thank You

Not ten, not thirty, but just 20 Lines,
this is a place to write or photograph.
I sometimes get to 20, often half
of that is all I write. We search the mines

for diamonds in the rough, a word or scene
that captures our imaginations, turns
the dark to light with chandelier that burns
through midnight. Images and poems mean

a different thing to you or me. To read or see
the other artists’ work gives me a lift
and makes me know I have encountered Gift.
Thank all of you for so enriching me.

The Red Carpet of My Mind

Catherine aka "Bird":

Reblogged from Everyone Has a Story…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

It occurs to me that making friends on the internet is kind of an odd exercise when it comes to me. I spend a lot of time watching people…how they speak, what they say, body language, tone inflection, etc. Last night, I spent a good amount of time talking with Sara, and we talked for hours about subjects I’ve almost never discussed with anyone in my entire life, except maybe with Audra.

When I first set up my blog, it never occurred to me to not put my picture on my gravatar or in the About Me section…But some of my new friends on the internet chose to keep their physical appearance a secret. In fact, most of my Blogosphere friends who opted for anonymity have been assigned a “look” in my head based on some pretty goofy criteria.

For instance, Sara looks like Katherine Heigl to me in my…

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