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Dear friends and followers:

Drop a line to me if you’d like to join our little community!  We’ve got room for more writers, poets, and photographers who’d like to be motivated to write or photograph and share at least one piece a day, genius or not.

Join us!  This is an incredibly warm environment with an ever-growing list of followers.  Let me know in the Comments section or write to me at melissah2011@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

With warmest regards,

Melissa & everyone at 20 Lines


Just a note …

… to let each of you know that I am enjoying your work so very much-  It is a pleasure to come here and find your latest pieces shared.  A huge thank you  and please keep going!

And if you’re following this blog and want to feel inspired to write, a little, every day
or share a photograph, or both …

C’mon in.

The water’s fine.

In 20 Lines (500 words, one photograph) or less.  Whether it be genius, or not.

Cheers & love,



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