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Red sunset

Red sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




the sunset has changed


in my eyes 


 my mind 


never feeling the highs







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Easter Tolerance with a Twist of Irony

It is the year 2013.  Joshua looked like your average thirty three year old, but he was far from ordinary.  Joshua had proclaimed about three years ago that he was the son of God, and that he was to teach others the word of God.  He quickly found others willing to follow and spread his word.  But society did not believe he spoke the truth, and was corrupting others with his lies.  Joshua however did not let the others deter him from his beliefs, and his flock continued to grow.

His teachings and “miracles” that he could perform amazed his followers.  The bond between Joshua and his followers grew stronger, and in turn society ostracised and victimised him further.  Joshua only wanted to spread the word of God, and teach others how to live their lives so they could be with their Heavenly Father after death.  He gave direction to those lost, hope to the forgotten and meaning to those ill.

But Joshua did not teach the “truth” that others had inferred upon society.  Therefore society viewed him as a dangerous man, using cheap tricks and whimsical ideals to lure followers to his flock.  His was not a religion, but a cult.  A danger to the very fabric of the society we knew.  There was only one solution … a public trial and defamation.

The media hosted his trial in a series of intolerant documentaries and obscure interviews with unidentified ex-followers.  The claim that he believes himself to be the son of God mockingly repeated, just so we have no doubt of his ‘guilt’ and lack of credit.  Holy leaders are interviewed with silent laughs that paints their faces, as they politely dismiss the ‘lies’ of Joshua and we nod willingly.

Joshua remains silent throughout his trial.  The church and society find him guilty, and drag his beliefs through the dirt until those that follow are no more than blind sheep.  Publicly humiliated before finally hung out to dry in front of the world to see his ‘lies’ and that they are right.  It is the year 33AD.


How I Feel About December 2006

How I Feel About December 2006 (Photo credit: cobalt123)

December is my favorite time of year

full snowing skies with  the sight of deer

the hustle and bustle of stores and streets

to decorated windows and nice warming treats

the air is filled with anticipation and hope

sledders are searching for their favorite slope

December is my favorite time of year

soon on the 25th Saint Nick will appear

bringing all children of the world his great joy

the luckiest of ones receive a nice toy

December is here for 31 days

for me it just continues to amaze


shallow nights…

My nights are shallow , need to make that leap

I fight all night , but still can’t sleep

Next thing I know my mind is screaming

Feels so real , but I think I’m dreaming

When I think my dreams come unsurpassed

I’m dreaming again , about my past

Thoughts of things , wont go away

Buried til I sleep , then they play

I wake to hair and pillow all wet

Then my dreams they all reset

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Falling deep

Thoughts of you haunt my dreams

full-fledged sorrow , to fading extremes

want our lives to be more than most

now our togetherness is only a ghost

time goes on , falling deeper in mind

positive influences I’m starting to find

unplugging my life , all that I knew

the hardest I’ve done , I’m almost through

dark getting brighter , the more that I pray

now I have help , to show me the way

morning air

morning air

is what I need

this restless life

I want to bleed

mind is stuck

to past events

when all I have

is good intents

futures bleak

as I can see

sometimes I wish

I wasn’t me

that’s when

I look up to the sky

I pray to Jesus

and ask him why

looking for

an answer soon

for depressed in life

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I’m not immune

Beliefs are mine

I need sometimes to kneel and talk

beliefs are mine and not to balk

thankful for the light of day

even when the sky is gray

I need sometimes to kneel and talk

I’m thankful for to stand and walk

our armed forces which keep us free

and the lightest wind that blows a tree

I need sometimes to kneel and talk

beliefs are mine and not to balk

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Sunday …maybe a lowday

stars are falling all around us , read in the news there’s another wrecked school bus ….. I’m at sorts today . I think to much sometimes ….why is the world like this . My life has consisted of pain of some kind or another , why did I endure this rather than just give in and live a simple life .


Some days …..hmmmmm days like today I search for things I know I can’t find. I have no idea why these days exist ….I need to push by this feeling I’m having today….I’m writing this in hopes to find associations for some of my impulse’s or ways of thinking …..It’s hard someday’s to reach out to others, I hope people understand why I’m like this , not thinking I’m avoiding for some other reason.


The physical portion is getting worse for me , pain ….real pain either side effects from medication or just pain catching up to me from past injuries or aging pains . my abdominal cavity has gotten worse ..I may need to be admitted into the hospital for them to find it…..


A Pain That I'm Used To

A Pain That I’m Used To (Photo credit: Wikipedia)








this life of ours is new to the touch

separation is a pain, felt way to much

the night that comes and goes

filling our hearts with necessary woes

we stay ever strong ,

hold our sacred ground

in the end of give and take ,

it always seems to be found…

this life of ours is new to the touch……………………….

Get in Touch with Yourself

Get in Touch with Yourself (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

colors of september


blues turning to greens and reds


sunshine over coming the cold steel rain


warmth of the summer has somehow fled


colors of autumn are everything but plain


my memory will never forgive


these colors make me remember


how can I  continue to live


how I loved the colors of september………………………


English: Reds and Greens Autumn is coming. The...

English: Reds and Greens Autumn is coming. The bright red covering on the wall of the private house was too attractive to pass by without a photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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