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We drove down to our beach and saw the lake,
an angry monster’s gnashing teeth of white.
The crashing waves took more than just a bite
of shore. They shook our calm with  every break.

The mom could not continue baking cake.
Electric power blinked, blanked, and took out light.
Winds, 80 mph, caused swaths of blight.
How many weeks until the dove might make

appearance bearing olive branch? Coast-wise,
we see the devastation, and we gasp
in horror at what crucifies our eyes.
Impossible to take this in, to grasp
the nightmare.  And the people agonize
while holding memories in their tight clasp.

(Petrarchan sonnet)

The Woods Around The Lake


re-blog from Living and Lovin

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


Just  six  more weekends before they close the State Park,  for camping.

They will again draw down this lake so the State Park and others with property along its shores can

fix their places up before winter rolls in,  like only New England winters can.

I think I spoke of this draw down,  you know where it goes right?

Sadly it will end up on my lower lawn, yes the beautiful spot that saw so much water, for so many years.

I have made calls with  all the rain we got overnight to beg them to use some common sense, I pray they will.

They empty a whole cove, one whole end into my little stream.  This I see as crazy.  One year I had to laugh.

I was taking photos in these woods and came out at the boat launch and there  were men, with boats on trailers,

scratching their heads as…

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Where I Stand – 1. Inverted

I have several pieces to contribute to where I stand, but this one seemed to be the perfect choice for the first.  Look closely.

The sky you see is actually the reflection of the sky in the surface of a lake.  The picture is inverted.

It’s fitting because often, in recent days, I find myself saying that my life is upside down.

Not a great shot but I realized it was a better shot when I looked at it a new way.  Quite like life.
Cheers, everyone.  Onward and upward!

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