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Moving On

Sorting, trashing, packing, and endless weeding.  After ten years in this place we are moving on: if the place sells.  I am sorting assorted drawers that have been a convenient dumping ground for who knows what or why.  Closets and cupboards are stuffed.  Bookcases are triple stacked.  Will this sorting, trashing, and packing ever be done?  So far, I have packed 26 boxes of stuff to keep, but will not be needed till after we actually move.  God only knows how many more boxes to do at present.  A final packing, at moving time, will be an absolute nightmare.  Maybe we’ll win the lottery or Publisher’s Clearing House and can have someone else to that packing.

And lest we forget the outdoors.  There are 13 flower beds to be weeded and barked.  Plus a stone and brick walkway that has weeds growing between the stones.  I got that done today … now I just need to pour vinegar between all those cracks.  Brother Bill solved the problem of two of the flower beds by ripping them out and planting grass.  He did the same with one of the raised vegetable beds; but turned around to re-creat another veggie bed that he had originally ripped out last year.  Where else could he dump all that dirt?  He loves me, I’m sure, but like is another matter when it comes to my landscaping habits.

Meanwhile he is putting books on Alibris as fast as possible.  So far he has described, inventoried, and packed about 20 boxes of books.  We sure hope some of them sell! They will be the last things we put in the storage locker we rented last week.  And let us not  forget, we need to finish packing away non-essentials by the end of this month when our sister, her hubbie, and two of their male grandchildren will be here to help store stuff, make trips to the dump, and clear as much furniture as possible from the living room for a grand carpeting event.  And we have the painter coming in June to repair and paint the house exterior.  Repairs are partly due to a woodpecker (a flicker) who is having a love affair with the siding surrounding our chimney: there are now five holes in it.  Just possibly, if we work ourselves to death, we’ll put the house on the market by the first of July, before school starts, and this can be the next owner’s summer vacation.

The realtor to be can tell lookers the house has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, huge family room wired for booming sound, new carpeting in living room and on stairway to master bedroom, 2 year old roof, newly painted exterior, three year old hot water heater, gas furnace and appliances, updated kitchen, 2 covered porches, hot tub, greenhouse, extensive deck of that stuff that lasts forever, raised beds, fruit trees, and gorgeously landscaped.  Is anyone out there interested?


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