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Three years ago, I lost my mom.

She had been fading for years, but we still talked,

we laughed and loved.


It seems like since then loss and loneliness

have been so much of my life.

I feel like I am drowning.


After loosing my child, hope, faith,

and that special closeness with my family,

I feel I will never capture the joy in life again.


I can only beg you, young people,

to take that joy, when you find it,

and treat it as thought it was glass, because it is.


The Telephone Rings

Her little voice across the phone last night:
“I saw your picture in the paper. Nice!”
(My writers’ group, one afternoon of white
snow, candy canes, hot chocolate, gave a slice

of literature with readings, workshops, sales
of our own books before the Christmas rush.)
And then my granddaughter asked, voice in trails
of hope, “Can I come over?” In a hush

of happiness how I agreed. “I’ll bring
my books and I could have my lesson.” Yes!
She plays piano. I, the richest king,
anticipated her arrival, press

of long brown hair against my chest. And soon
I saw her lime-green coat. She ran to me,
“Hi, Memah.” O, that sweetened perk. The moon
last night shone brighter than the stars. To be

with her is treasure. How this charmer brings
me joy with laughs and smiles tucked in so tight
that every polished moment like this clings
with stubborn happiness and makes dark light.

English: Siemens Gigaset 4010 Classic, cordles...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can we ever ‘be’ again? (Reposted from ramblingsfromamum)

When can we be children again and giggle and laugh at silly things?

When can we be children again and play hide and seek in the dark?

When can we be children again and play on the slide and the tyre swings?

When can we be children again and skip a huge rope in the park?

When can we be children again and hop in and out of a puddle?

When can we be children again to run and laugh when we play?

When can we be children again and just want a friend to cuddle?

When can we be children again and race all our friends in a relay?

So when can we do these things without being stared at or pointed to?

Whenever we want is my answer, there’s no need to analyse or think it through

To bring out that fun and enthusiasm like a child that is hidden in our heart

We can be the child if we choose once again and that’s the amazing part

If you hear good music that fills you with joy then do a little dance – doesn’t matter where you are.

Laugh out loud if you want to. Swing and slide down that slide without a care. Skip rope and jump in puddles. Giggle and play hide and seek. Do what brings you joy and not what you think you have to do, for there’s no fun in that.

And if people stare and point and think you’re a little crazy, well maybe it’s just because the child that is hidden in them can’t return.


To Return to Me

little girl with your dotted bonnet
won’t you
tell me the secret
you hide in your smile…
the thoughts that
surround your silent laughter…
and the dreams that
fuel your desire for life -
to devour every second…
to live…to love…to be free…
tell me…won’t you?…
no, won’t you show me instead?…
let me share your secrets…
let me drown in your thoughts…
let me embrace your dreams – as my own…
and maybe then
i might be able to weave
dreams of my own…and
see life like you do…like i used to -
with hope…and color…and sunshine -
like a child…


photo: http://www.etsy.com/listing/101602066/a-moment-original-painting-by-maria-pace

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Weekend Plans to Make You Smile


It it a big weekend on the comedy stage.

Laughter and hilarity are the costumes they wear.

Audience participation is how they will gauge.

As the Improv ensues- Come out if you dare!


There will be games and music for all to enjoy.

Vendors, carts, and stands full of food.

A karaoke band to help sing out your joy.

On a hot, summer night, this will lighten the mood.


This is a carnival of medium proportion

With jesters and quartets of some fame.

No cover charge or any such notion

Spend your dollars on goodies and games.


A once a year kind of deal.

Bring the whole family to see.

It does not matter how low you feel

For the good times will make you happy.




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A Comedy Tonight

A tragedy it is, when drama’s left to rule my life

And all about the tears I cry, the worries and the strife

What fun that it can be to take the drama all around

And turn it into comedy and laughter, I have found


I know that it’s not easy implementing this ideal

The drama that I sometimes have, is sorrowful and real

I know I must allow myself sometimes to frown and cry

To cry out to my God above and ask, Lord when?  Lord why?


But wallowing is not an option I’ll allow myself

I’ve been there and I’ve done that, now I’ve put it on the shelf

It’s much more fun to smile and laugh, e’en in the midst of pain

And in the end, the difference ‘tween insanity and sane.


So laugh at me, I won’t protest, when I am feeling blue

But don’t forget that I will do the same regarding you

I do not speak of making fun of pain that’s raw, and real

I have a heart that feels for you, it is not made of steel


Above all, may I not forget that kindness matters much

Cold shoulders often harden hearts, not so a gentle touch

This is the day the Lord has made…that’s what I’m talking ’bout

I will rejoice, and glad I’ll be, and of His love I’ll shout!



Why is my heart filled with sadness?

Why do the tears fill my eyes?

I’m blessed, and so thankful

Your love and mercies consume me

But this world is full of so much sorrow

Not just in my own little space, but far beyond.

I try not to be sad when I hear of the senseless killings

And all the crimes big and small

That daily affect some that I know

And some that I’ll never know

My life goes on, filled with joys and disappointments

Laughter and tears will come and go

Like a see saw…ups and downs

I feel for others who are hurting

I want to get off the see saw, close my eyes,

And let your light illuminate my closed eyelids

But I will stay until you call my name

And say it’s time to go home.

I will not fear the madness that surrounds

I will rest in the knowledge of your love.

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What will this new day bring?

Will I laugh?  Will I sing?

Will I cry bitter tears…

Bitter tears of longing?


Will I dwell on things lost?

If so, what will it cost?

Opportunity missed…

Bridges burned, and not crossed?


Will I great treasures find?

The everlasting kind?

Although troubles may come…

Will I renew my mind?


This day brings what I give

What I pass through the sieve

Not what happens to me…

But how I choose to live.

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Spread the love ….

Giggle and Hoot (TV series)

Giggle and Hoot (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the clouds have given way

The rain we’ve had has gone astray

Sun peeking down into hearts without doubt

Pushing away gloom , the dark brings about

Sisters are laughing joyous and gay

Their children jumping , giggle as they play

Worry is put back it seems to be shrinking

Watching kids play with not so much thinking

The day fly’s smooth like a solid white dove

All need to remember to please spread this love


Right now

Somebody’s bringing new life in the world

Somebody’s drawing his last breath

Somebody’s finding the love of her life

Somebody’s heart is being broken

Someone is making sweet love

Someone is beating the one he says he loves

Someone is laughing until she cries

Someone is crying herself to sleep.

Somebody is absorbed in a wonderful conversation

Someone can’t find the words to speak.

Somebody is meeting his best friend.

Someone just found out he was betrayed by his best friend.

How do we laugh when another is crying?

How do we live when another is dying?

How do we love when someone’s heart is breaking?

Do we feel guilty for the joy we are taking?

Life is for living…do it.


The Laughter of the Crows (Triolet Challenge)

Listen, and hear the laughter of the crows
Their song a raucous chorus in the trees
Drunk on honeydew left behind by bees
Listen, and hear the laughter of the crows
at hapless souls living beneath the trees
Alas! I think it might be you or me’s
Listen, and hear the laughter of the crows
Their song a raucous chorus in the trees


Maggie … How did I do?  This is the most counting I’ve done in WEEKS.  – M.


So, A Child Molester and a Little Kid are Walking into A Forest…

Update: I was confused about why the pope picture kept coming up on my search…I figured WordPress was goofing with me, or misunderstood what my post was all about.  HOURS LATER,  I finally get the Pope picture..I used the words child molester in the title..Sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose..lol. I don’t think all priests are child molesters…..OMG!!

So, I was reading this: Why Do Comedians have A Higher Suicide Rate and it reminded me of a therapist that I once visited.

Unimpressed with my witty diversions in our conversation, she point-blank told me that I

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia) -- Evidently, WordPress thinks this pope uses humor to divert..Every time I ran search terms related to my article on humor, comedians, suicide -- this guy's picture showed up in the first frame. LOL...

hide behind my humor. I made some quick-witted retort, and promptly left her office, but I knew she was right. In the past, the more unhappy I am, the more hilarious people around me have thought I was.

What is this phenomenon that causes the broken-hearted men and women of this world try to make others laugh? You got me. I have no idea why. I only know that it is true, because I’ve watched it happen time and again in my own family.

Hands down, my father is the funniest man I know. He sugar coats absolutely nothing, and he is irreverent, crass, bold, and given to the darkest forms of humor I’ve ever known. And believe me when I say, I have laughed at some raunchy stuff. I can’t help myself…I know, I know. Somethings aren’t funny. But in my dad’s world, nothing is off-limits. If you were to look at his life, though, you would think this man should have been living his days in the fetal position in someone’s basement. A physically abused child, he became a criminal before puberty. The one time he tried to change his course in this life, and join the Marines, he was unable to fully assimilate to the life. He married my mom, a beauty queen, who left him high and dry for a guy who made more money. She hid his kids, bankrupted him in court and emotionally as well, and, in my perception, never gave him a second thought. His only son changed his last name to his stepfather’s name, and refuses to this day to even have a conversation with him. All he has is me… (personally, I think he is lucky, because I’m clearly awesome..but who knows?) His life has been filled to the rim with pain and hardship, and yet he makes every one around him laugh, even if it is somewhat nervously. Hands down, he had the hardest life of all of us. Does his pain decide what level his ability to make others laugh is at? I have a feeling that it does.

My brother Mike was raised in the same home as I was, but his journey involved different problems. He is very close-mouthed about our childhood, choosing to focus on his future instead of sorting through his past. Yet, as a fellow survivor of that household, I see the scars on him too. He has built for himself a successful and happy family, and he is a pastor of a pretty impressive church in Colorado. He even wrote a book called How To Knock Over A 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training. You should read it if you ever get a chance, even if you have no interest whatsoever about churches or church building. The things that have happened to him are hilarious. The guy can tell a really good story. Again, I have to ask, would he be so funny if he had had a Noodle Salad life? Don’t know what a Noodle Salad life is? Read this: Noodle Salad People.

I am told I’m funny too. I have my moments, I guess. The more nervous I am, or the more I am trying to divert your attention away from something I find uncomfortable or painful, I am pretty damn witty. The difference, though, is that I am generally a happy, peaceful person. Yes, I bear the scars of childhood sexual abuse, neglect, and a ton of other painful experiences. But, those scars are healed up, and I find that when I get rolling, I’m genuinely happy to make others laugh, and in turn, I enjoy the happiness I am feeling because they are laughing. When depression rears its ugly head in my life, I generally ride it out by sleeping or coaxing my mind to pursue happier thoughts. I hope that is what Dad and Mike are doing to. Again, same question. Did my past have anything to do with this?

It is an interesting diversion to life’s pain — humor. Does everyone, to some degree, use this tool for coping as well? I’d be really interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.

– Bird


How April Fool’s Day Got Me A Verbal Warning At Work

In honor of it being April Fools Day, I will tell you about one of the practical jokes I played one year.

I worked in an accounting department for a really large oil company, along with almost 30

Keyboard V

Keyboard V (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

other people. We’d recently merged with another company..or was taken over..depended on how you looked at it, and spirits were pretty low as people wondered just how secure their jobs were.

Being a person who enjoys practical jokes, I laid awake half the night trying to figure out a good practical joke to make people laugh, but something that wouldn’t get me in trouble..like before. Yeah. That’s a post for a different day.

Finally, in the middle of the night, I got up to scope the internet to see if I could come up with something. I sat down at the computer…and something was off. I couldn’t put my finger on it…Ah, the keyboard was missing. My cat had knocked it to the side of the desk, and in the dark, I hadn’t seen it. I laughed because it took me a minute or two to figure it out.

The next morning, I went to work TWO hours early, and disconnected every single keyboard in the department and hid them in their file cabinets. All except mine of course. As people trickled in, I sat innocently at my desk typing away. (Trying not to laugh….)

As people noticed, they started chuckling, and then watching as other people came in, to see their reactions. Of course, they knew right away who had done this, because I can’t keep from laughing to save my butt! By the time everyone had been pranked, the atmosphere felt a lot lighter.

And I only got a verbal warning for wasting company time… Win / Win.

Happy April Fools Day!



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