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Yes I Am (Going to Do it)!

I’ve taken the plunge and nailed down a date for introducing my book, Broken Consciousness: Reflections of an Epileptic. On Thursday, March 28, at 7:00, at our local library, I will be talking about how I came to write poems about the epilepsy I’ve had since I was twelve years old. Our library director supports local authors and she has been gracious and generous in arranging this event for me.

A student I taught when she was in fourth grade (a talented writer even then) contacted me on Facebook and said both she and her mom are coming.  That is very satisfying. I’ll have to count my books to make sure I have enough for a nice book table for selling.

Since my book is rather short (80 pages), I think I’ll read only one poem from the book itself, and share other poems I have written about living with epilepsy.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can be calm as I talk, and answer people’s questions with confidence.

March 28…I have more than enough time to plan.

Tales Around the Tree

Soon I am off to join my writers’ group’s participation in “Tales Around the Tree,” a Christmas event at a local library. There will be readings, workshops, and book sales. I am going to read six of my Christmas/winter poems, and a friend and I are going to read “Gift of the Magi” together.

This library is really something. It’s a large old bank that has been converted to a library. It has two floors, polished hardwood and marble floors, two giant gold chandeliers with graceful curved arms, an elevator, and rooms everywhere. The children’s room has a beautiful tree house built by a local man, and the woodwork of the winding stairs and curved railing is gorgeous.

It is decorated for Christmas with I-can’t-tell-you-how-many trees. The decorations are elegantly done and you can’t help but suck in your breath when you walk through the large wooden front doors. The circulation desk is where the bank tellers used to have their cages (is that what they were called?), but now it’s an open circular area with the brass foot rail still in place.

The whole little town is sporting decorations, activities and food for families, and we’re hoping to add to the festivities (and perhaps sell some of our books along the way).

For the Adjective/Adverb Challenge

The Library

Rooms filled with history, non-fiction, prose
invite her. As she reads the books, she grows
in ways I never could imagine. France
inside her bedroom beckons her to dance
the pirouette, musette, and Bach’s bourée.
She wonders what to wear for her soirée,
but steps out for the evening in her dream,
so exquisite in black with lace of cream.
But wait. Perhaps she turns the page to Spain
and flashes a flamenco. See her mane
a-twirling? Palma snaps, her gown of flame,
the mariachis….all call out her name.


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