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Our Day trawling around the Furniture Shops

And so I be in a writing mood or should I perhaps say mode

Today we ventured furniture shopping to adorn our humble abode

Alas we found nothing that took our fancy so

We came back empty handed not parting with our dough


All we want is a simple buffet not the buffet that means food

A cabinet for kitchen we hunted for and we determinedly perused

Some were made of Australian oak, some were laminate

We baulked at prices, workmanship, it was more than we could take


So we are empty handed not a buffet to our name

And we shall hunt again next week and hopefully strike our claim

For how hard is to shop for one, tis harder you than you think

At least now home and feet put up I can have a bloody drink!

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Temporarily Suspended

I fell a little while ago. As I’ve written before, I give my brother piano lessons by Skype, and sometimes I carry my laptop out to the living room to the piano so he can see my hands as I demonstrate something on the keyboard.

I was carrying the computer from the living room back to the room where I usually use it, and missed the one step up, landing flat on the tile floor, hitting a table next to the front door. All my little Willow Tree angels fell over. The computer fell to the floor too, but it seems to be all right.

Me? I’m very sore, and I’m sure will be even more sore tomorrow. But I doubt that anything is broken, or I’d be in more pain than this. Everything hurts on the right side from my shoulder on down to ankle and everything in between.

At least I didn’t re-break my right leg. I would be so upset had that happened. For now I just have to deal with some pain. So I might be most comfortable in the recliner…and I can use that time to do some writing.


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