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Of Beauty and of Sorrow Deep (a Rondel)

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep

A poet simply has to write

On cheerful day, or lonely night

The words inside, she cannot keep


Though smiles abound, or though she weep

She crafts her words and gives them light

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep

A poet simply has to write


Both wide awake, or fighting sleep

Though she may try to hold them tight

The thoughts inside, they just take flight

And to the page, the words do leap

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep


Them and Her

They twittered.
They chattered.
They flattered.
They jabbered.
While she sobbed.
They lavished him with praise
They lowered their heads with grace
They put on smiles on their crinkled face
They quickly adjusted to their predefined place
While she stood tall and proud.
They poured tea
They obeyed his decree.
They clapped their hands in harmony
They chose to simply be
While she chose to
Be herself.
Be real.
Never going to cry again,
Never going to let herself go.

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