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So long ago




Gone with the wind so long ago,

I still have a long way to go,
And on the road to gravity,
I will look for my liberty.


Though sometimes there are battles lost,
And though I have to pay the cost,
I will fight for some dignity,
If I can not avoid pity…


For I made my family sick,
I can’t do anything but stick
To the dearest ones in my heart
And wish we’ll never be apart.


Trying Rispetto

Sitting within the deep waters of the sea,

I can see you degrading, getting caught in

time, understanding which ain’t my cup of tea,

I know you want to get rid of your past sin.

You wait for someone to come, pay no pity

but that being must treat you with that dignity-

respect you long for, I know you do want bliss,

Oh the mighty city of the Atlantis.



1. Poem is comprised of 8 eleven-syllable lines, usually one stanza.

2. General rhyme scheme- ababccdd

The sailor song


Oh how my heart does hold him dear,
Though I know I can’t be with him,
And I’m as tired as can be
As I can’t face it with a grin !

I can’t pretend I don’t love him,
I have never felt such a bond,
And even though the lights are dim,
Everyone’s seen that I am fond

Of his strange ways, so here we come
Again, for he’s written to me !
I wonder what we will become
And I wonder what I should think…

Why does it always feel so wrong ?
Is it only the siren’s song ?
Lord, it’s been that way for too long !
When will I grow up and be strong ?

September, the 11th



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