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Shells At High Tide Mark On A Cold January Day

















So many so little time or space here I do not want to fill 20 Lines with just my shots!

To say we had a nice day was an understatement. Pain for us three after yes but we are better today.

Can’t wait to see what you all did







Pretty Pink and Reds



We came across this beautiful site on Christmas Day
Stand right out PINK

I see Deer browsing the tops of what I call Lichen really not sure yet what this is I must look it up unless you know.

It was one of many gifts I got. Today these are under a foot of heavy wet SNOW



One of our Pair of Cardinals I know you can see the pretty Red male can you find her?

Oh and do you notice the SNOW lol

Beauty in the Details

Beauty in the Details (SwittersB)

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.” Confucius

I had taken some macro photos of a fly pattern, while wet, to check on the colors under those conditions. Later, I took another shot of the same fly while it was dry. Or, almost dry. That delicate little drop out on the very tip of the pheasant tail fiber caught my eye. A small detail lost to my eye, but for the camera lens. 

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Insects and a SURPRISE to ME

So I was walking around the yard with the dog and camera as I always do and trying to capture the daily changes when I saw these GRUB/Japanese Beatles destroying the beautiful Rugosa Roses I have just outside the back door.  Now I wish I had killed each and every grub late winter when I was turning the garden soil over. I have to find an Organic method or I will place them in a bowl for the birds this winter lol frozen grubs!


Rose and J. Beetles


Then I walk the area near the garden to see if anything is ready to be picked and I think the plant is Saint Johns Wort but what I though was ONE ugly bug as I was taking its picture on this plant  turned out to be two as I was downloading them.  See Naughty Bugs and isn’t this plant what they use to make us FEEL GOOD guess they figured that out too!


TWO who knew




Now next is a grasshopper, They must be making a come back or I am growing one of their food choices, GRUBS? lol






Close-up of things I can not se with the naked eye



Thanks for checking out the Insects in the yard with me I( think I am left with many more questions after using my Macro ).








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