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Me and You

You look at me

As if I’m the only one,

I get lost in your eyes.

Falling head first

Right into you.

So warm, so easy

To be with you

Well worth the wait.

When I’m not with you

Fears of inadequacy arise

Doubts cloud my mind

Then you take my hand

Melting everything else away.

Leaving just me and you,

That’s right where I want to be.


Specks of dirt

Specks of dirt

appear to have frozen

on the table top

which once was a hub of activity

where I would recline everyday

to get through things

to have a life

with a daily routine

These specks of dirt

now have frozen over it

they will get engraved soon

becoming a part of it for

it no longer has me

recline over it,

getting through things

life is changed,

table top has changed

and I have, as well.



You may have to click the title above to see the entire concrete poem. It clips on my screen. Couldn’t find a way to force it to use the entire width.

?         R 
 ?        E 
  ?       F 
   ?      L 
    ?     E 
     ?    C 
      ?   T 
       ?  I 
        ? O 
          ?R E F L E C T I O N
T H I N G S?
           T?      L
           H ?    O
           I  ?  V
           N   ?E
           G    ?L O V E
           S     ?    T
                  ?  A
            H A T E?H
                   E?H A T E
                  T  ?
                 A    ?
                H      ?
                        ?    D
                  L I F E?   E
                         D?  A
                         E ? T
                         A  ?H
                         T   ?M O R E D E A T H
                         H    ?
                           Y O U?
                                O ? M
                                U  ?E
                                R   ?      N
                                S    ? M   O
                                E     ?E   W
                                L      ?   H
                                F       ?  E
                                         ? R
                                           ?E V E R Y W H E R E
                            Y E S T E R D A Y?        T
                                             Y?      O
                                             E ?    D
                                             S  ?  A
                                             T   ?Y
                                             E    ?N O W
                                             R     ?
                                             A      ?
                                             Y       ?
                                                    M E? M

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I simply can’t write… (5-line stanzas)


comes a 

time every day

when I strive to

write but I simply can’t.


just doesn’t

seem right that

my mind goes blank

and I simply can’t write.


I know

it occurs when

I feel a sudden

revulsion towards everything in life.


also when

I am anxious

and I try to

comprehend with my numb thoughts.


still this

must be the

time when I am

able to express myself fully.


that is

not the case

with me because I

just simply can not write.


At the time of arrival I saw you leaving

At the time of beginning you were withering away

At the time you must be here with me

You were sulking behind the curtain

At the time I needed your support

You were hiding beneath the invisibility cloak

Why do you do this, Why can’t you be a little
compassionate for me?

Why can’t you see how much I want you to be
with me in happy times and sad ones as well?

Why don’t you see me in the same light?

Why?- I wonder… I wonder… I wonder…


The Holiday Challenge!

The year end holidays,

When it all goes still,

Every one takes some rest,

From the fast paced life,

A moment of remembrance,

Of the year that is ending,

A moment of sheer pleasure,

With Christmas and New Years’ Eve,

Giving the joy of celebration.

If you would give me a chance,

To stay for ever after in a fixed time,

It would be this very time of year ending,

Where I would stay, clear of the competitions,

Away from the repercussions,

Just live in those holidays,

With stomach full with warming food,

Getting wrapped in blankets,

Lying around- seeing the celebration around.

These holidays I would say,

Are the one I like the best.

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I Feel Like A Wise Old Man

Hello all,

Welcome our so many new contributors, whom I haven’t yet welcomed in a proper way. So, Welcome aboard- beebeesworld, sugarcoatedangel, aglassofjen, onleilove, Mike Turvey, Joseph Budu.

Its so pleasant to experience such active contributions here on 20 lines which are more than ever before. Thanks to all the wonderful authors here on 20 lines.

Well, I still was feeling quite raw here in this community but with the coming up of more contributors, now I feel like a wise old man. Wicked! Ha! (I was the 10th one to join and now there are 29 of us). Wonderful!

I would love to know all of you so very much through your posts which provide a vivid glimpse of all you wonderful personalities. But still, I have a lot to deal with nowadays in this journey called life- it would take quite a little time for me to be very active once again here.

I hope that there would be even many more contributors to know, to enjoy with and be a writing companion with when I’m fully back. Amen!

The New Realization

The new realization,

With the new sight,

That views the things,

I always wanted,

Has struck me somehow.

I now hope,

I now see,

What I need to do,

Whether I want it or not.

It is sad for me to continue,

But the necessity,

Overrules everything else.

I do not feel enlightened,

Because I am not.

But my thoughts are evaluated.

My present condition is rechecked.

And I think I know, 

Where the path will take me this second,

May be not for the next one,

But at least for this second.


How the flamingo flaps the wings,

How the butterfly flutters them up,

How much wonder there is to see,

How much imagination there is to imagine,

How it would be for me to flap, flutter my wings,

My wings of vanity.


Its Hard To Retrieve

Its hard to retrieve what you’ve lost,

The think you have wanted the most.

It was love, friendship for me,

It never came to me with a glee.

I had to suffer the never achieved loss,

Sleeping every night with nothing but remorse.

I’m difficult to handle and be cared,

I have never been a part of the love being shared.

Forever alone, I call myself which is not a lie,

I think that is the only possession with which I’ll die.

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His Addiction Part 2

It started with a simple Gold Pan, and of course a shovel.

We would go through the articles on Gold Prospecting in our local area. These included books we had purchased while at  George Streeter  Electronics out by Keene, NH.

Then we would leave early in the morning and look for bends in the rivers and streams and try to figure out where the most likely deposits of gold may land.

This is very hard work for two cripples to do. We watch the shows that tell us it is awesome exercise though and push through the pain in our search  for this elusive deposit, here in NH.

So we locate a nice spot and he digs and we get a sample, oh I forgot, you also need a 5 gal bucket or two, wait and a screen, oh no what size?

So let’s see we have 3 buckets 2 gold pans, 5 screens we need to get down to the smallest of particles, for the Gold here in NH, is this size, for the most part.

We work all day with one break but we have fun.

Really we do love the outdoors, and the scenery along streams and rivers in NH, they are real beauties! The dog loved the ride and the water even more.  So it is a good day for the three of us.

We screen his gravel he has dug out of the stream bed and look real hard at what we have on our screen, we can’t be throwing gold nuggets back in after all of this work! Then we dump the gravel  back into the stream and bring home only the small stuff with lots of black sand in it, as we have been taught that this is also found in areas where GOLD is. A few small flecks are found!

Well now we have to be able to move even more dirt and take less home with us(this is called concentrates)so now he says we need a Sluice!  We purchase a nice big one(from a man in the Want-AD this keeps out cost down somewhat) and ready ourselves for some much better Gold, the next time.

So now with buckets, screens, shovels and gold pans, oh and our new Sluice, we head to a potentially good section of our favorite stream bed!  We work just as hard but now we run the screened gravel over this new sluice and check the riffle often, to see if we can see  any of that Yellow Gold! We do this once a week and still only find small flakes on our trips to the streams.

Now he sets about  putting together a high banker, we still shovel and then take home concentrates to pan at home. Sound familiar? lol

He wants to go after the Gold easier, so he starts to look for a dredge, because he feels he needs to go deeper.   He puts together a 2 1/2″ dredge but he can not go deep enough!

I tease him about this and he says “You’ll see!” I’m WAITING

We locate a man way up in Maine who has not one, but four used dredges to choose from (gee he had this Gold Fever BAD).

He  loves the 6 inch but when I tell him in case he has forgotten, we are old and injured and this is awfully heavy  looking and we will need a trailer just to get it from place to place, he thinks about it and goes with this man’s  four inch dredge.  He is  so excited and can hardly wait to use it,  so we try it up there in Maine at  another of our favorite places. It works great, though I am not impressed with all the times good size rocks jam up in the suction hose. He said not to worry as it comes with a metal rod you put inside the hose and it loosens the rocks and we will be back at vacuuming the stream soon.  This will kill us, I am certain of it at this point!

Now this dredge comes with a sluice box attached along with a gas motor, but it is missing the foot valve so it is horrible to start, I worry about him with all this pull starting and getting no where quickly!  Finally it starts when we fill every hose and we work for about an hour and then wash it down into a bucket but since we are now real tired and hurting badly, we decide  to pack it back up and head back the 3 hours to home.   We will pan it out there, while we sit with a drink in one hand and relax in our comfortable chairs.   We are OLD and INJURED.

We worked  this dredge with a  State of NH Recreational Permits for a few years. We still can’t get deep enough though. We either can’t get where we want to because the roads washed away in a flood or the weather continues to be lousy but we  try and  try to find that deep pocket of gold just waiting to be found.

Now don’t forget, we also have all those metal detectors we use and hit the fields and beaches and ponds with.   So much equipment and two old people using them, we sometimes get so tired we don’t feel like doing anything!

When we decide to take another trip to visit friends and family.  We have to decide which equipment we will need bring.  He is always ready for the next adventure.

Don’t get me wrong we still have lots of fun but no more gold then when we just went out with our shovel and gold pan!

So as you laugh at our problem,  be careful to watch yourselves,  as addictions come on you without you even realizing it!  Gold Fever is real dangerous, I hear it is spreading  so take special care not to be caught up by it, then again at over $1400.00 an Ounce  it is a hobby you can make a little extra money on and get outdoors and  get lots of back-breaking exercise.

Happy Treasure Hunting to YOU ALL

May you hit the Mother Lode!


The Rat

The hidden rat plays with me.

As soon as I try to catch it,

It would gaze at me.

And run away in the room not lit.

I enter the darkness looking-

“Where are you” dear rat.

Now I’m tired, shallow breathing,

I know you are under the mat.

I am coming to catch you.

As soon as I uncover the rat, so small-

It sees me as if asking now what to do.

But then rolls like a ball,

Out of my reach,

And now I find myself awake on the beach.


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