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I have a drug inside me

coursing through my veins
not a little coloured pill

a drug
not herbal or manufactured
yet makes my skin glow
relieves my aches and pains

a drug
that makes me
euphoric intoxicated
not held within a glass

a drug
that relaxes and calms
that is not injected or smoked

a drug
that isn’t prescription
that gives me a high and
brings me comfort

a drug
not administered
intravenously yet supplies
energy and sustenance

a drug
that helps me sleep
peacefully through the night
which isn’t a sedative

a drug
that steadies my moods
keeps me on track
that isn’t a vitamin

a drug
that helps when my head pounds
which isn’t an aspirin

a drug
that stimulates
which isn’t a white powder

a drug inside me
coursing through my veins

a drug simply intoxicating

that drug is labelled YOU

Never the same

Just breathe

Just breathe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sounds getting louder ,

we breathe a little faster

heart beating sounder ,

we breathe a little easier

pain going away ,

we sleep a little longer

everything’s is ok ,

we live a little happier

next thing we know

things are never the same

pain , anxiety, death

never returning to breath

cheated by the life

can’t sleep due to this strife

we pray for them to rest

we continue to do our best …




Go Back…

Are  you still there, deep below the  layers

Physically changes barring your spirit from emerging

Pain spreading through your body like fire

Trickling over healthy muscles and engulfing them

Doctors unsure, questioning their values, morals

Where is the quality of life, where is the comfort

I see nothing but starvation, dehydration and emaciation

Your eyes when I look into them make it all real

The future without you beside me,

I want to go back, I just want to turn around and go back

To see that man again with the strength, purpose in his walk

To feel secure, safe,

Not alone.

inner wish

The air is still , my heart  is fleeting

Suns rays shine , my face their beating

Summer smells , flowers blooming

The days actions I am grooming

Reeling in my future , it’s full of pain

The questions in my mind they still remain

Waiting for the day to solve it all

It’s here it seems is where I fall

I need to get back to the ways of life

Still scared I wont beat this strife

I just wish sometimes I might

Have you take my hand , say all’s alright



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