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my way

Venus Doom

Venus Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nonsensical my day today

another anticipated soon

diabolical in form

as we all hide from doom

sights are all confusing

we all do what they say

never really thinking

how we can change today

my  next real day

as soon as it comes

i will change my way

and see how it becomes

year of retention


chill in the air

it comes as we sleep

another years awareness

I’m trying to keep

some being easy

some being hard

some fight retention

some that are scarred

daily battles move forward

I sometimes look back

most days are smooth

some under attack

friends change around me

I have no control

change on the surface

there’s change in my soul



found love

It burns in my heart

my vision of her never yielding

wants being unsure

thoughts for her never shielding

brought back to life

a new love I’ve found


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energy evolving


energy evolving

particles showering  down

it washes my untouched body

feelings  that I may drown

space lit up around me

electricity where I stand

tensions start to fade away

give in to no demands

breathing in this special orb

dreaming into the night

healing body and souls alike

from this celestial moons light





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