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my way

Venus Doom

Venus Doom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nonsensical my day today

another anticipated soon

diabolical in form

as we all hide from doom

sights are all confusing

we all do what they say

never really thinking

how we can change today

my  next real day

as soon as it comes

i will change my way

and see how it becomes

year of retention


chill in the air

it comes as we sleep

another years awareness

I’m trying to keep

some being easy

some being hard

some fight retention

some that are scarred

daily battles move forward

I sometimes look back

most days are smooth

some under attack

friends change around me

I have no control

change on the surface

there’s change in my soul



found love

It burns in my heart

my vision of her never yielding

wants being unsure

thoughts for her never shielding

brought back to life

a new love I’ve found


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energy evolving


energy evolving

particles showering  down

it washes my untouched body

feelings  that I may drown

space lit up around me

electricity where I stand

tensions start to fade away

give in to no demands

breathing in this special orb

dreaming into the night

healing body and souls alike

from this celestial moons light




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the seed

climbing up through obstruction


avoiding our destruction


it’s you I long to see


awed by deduction


for you is it me


questions keep emerging


refusing me rest or sleep


fighting the troubled opinion


struggling not to weep


entering harmony , it disappears as we need


all along we’re sowing


a bright and delicate seed


Never Ever (EP)

Never Ever (EP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









crocus abd bees 2012 001

Sunless skies, endless
grey clouded over grey crusted
snow, creating havoc for crocus shoots
struggling to make their stand.

Winter, a slow
death by its thousand windy cuts
and imperceptable emotional fade, now
so few words shared between them.

All purple and
orange in full bloom swathed across
front yard lawns stirring expectations, and
memories of their languid summer days.

Teal sky
days that start warm ending warmer,
their uninterrupted steady sun and their
sleeveless shirts and moist sweaty skin.

Sun, her kiss
once assured his unsteady heart. So many
purple and orange reasons to be hopeful but
March, always the cruel reminder.

written March 2013
revised FOR April 2013 :- /


I hide within a quilt…

I hide within a quilt

gazing at the ceiling

pondering over things

and finally, getting tortured

by my conflicting thoughts-

the night goes on

and I  succumb to sleep

with no dreams.

Role Play Plays a Role?

Mass murder? I don’t understand.

I don’t suppose I am alone.

But -

Role play enables learning in many situations.

Why not through computer games and television?

Can children really differentiate between the death they cause with a button and real killings?

Have we hardened their hearts and anaesthetised their minds through role play?


shallow nights…

My nights are shallow , need to make that leap

I fight all night , but still can’t sleep

Next thing I know my mind is screaming

Feels so real , but I think I’m dreaming

When I think my dreams come unsurpassed

I’m dreaming again , about my past

Thoughts of things , wont go away

Buried til I sleep , then they play

I wake to hair and pillow all wet

Then my dreams they all reset

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morning air

morning air

is what I need

this restless life

I want to bleed

mind is stuck

to past events

when all I have

is good intents

futures bleak

as I can see

sometimes I wish

I wasn’t me

that’s when

I look up to the sky

I pray to Jesus

and ask him why

looking for

an answer soon

for depressed in life

Corcovado jesus

Corcovado jesus (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I’m not immune


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