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It had been raining but on Monday, July 16th, the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Our cruise was from 1:30-4:30, and young, tan Joe, dressed in shorts, tee shirt and sandals, was our captain. He pushed off into Puget Sound. His ten cruisers listened attentively as he told us proudly of his brand-new aluminum boat we were on. He gave the safety talk, and throughout the trip he was chatty and informative, very personable, a great guide.

We sailed for 50 minutes to pick up 12 more people at the dock on Orcas Island, and then were off. At first it was a perfect trip as Joe revved the motor to gain speed. Our hair blew, the sun shone on our faces, and it felt as if we were freed from all cares. The fresh sea air felt wonderful. Soon, though, it got cold as he cranked the speed, so we went inside. The view was still great.

After a few minutes we heard, “There’s one!”

I looked in that direction, saw an expanse of water, but nothing else. Well, I didn’t know what, exactly, I was looking for. Soon, however, I, too, was oohing and ahing over the black triangles of orca fins. Cameras clicked all over the place. Joe told us that we would be seeing a lot of boats and that that was where the whales were.


Soon Joe cut the motor. We were all on one side of the boat, quiet, anticipating. And then, “Ooh!”


We had come upon a pod of whales. They swam in pairs, in groups, and we saw wonderful tail splashes, breaching, and those gigantic killer whales jumping up, then disappearing underwater without a sound. I wondered how that could be possible.

We watched for over an hour, and as I review my pictures I have many from quite a distance. But there’s one which is spectacular, of three whales breaching simultaneously. I will enlarge and frame that one as a memory of this most extraordinary day.

We heard a joke, which I think is funny and would like to share:

We saw similar scenes.

There is, in reality, a J Pod of whales, a K Pod, and an L Pod. But because a lot of Microsoft executives live on Lopez Island (true), there’s also an I-Pod!

Playing in the water

How can a creature as big as a bus jump like this?


Google Knows I’m God’s Worst Child

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Image via CrunchBase - Google Knows Everything!!

I just love WordPress‘s dashboard. It is fun to see the little map light up with color, or to see how many times someone looks up my gravatar. I love the breakdown of which of my many bizarre stories people have continually looked up…they are never the ones I think were my best! But best of all, is the search terms that people typed into Bing or Google that led them to my site. I have wonderful ones.

Without doubt, Disclaimer: I’m God’s Worst Child Ever is my popular article of all time. So, approximately 180 people have typed in “God’s worst child” and they’ve been directed to me. Out of curiosity, I’ve been asking random friends to type that in and see what comes up. Guess what! My article..no wonder it is doing well. My son typed the phrase in to Google Images, and my picture pulls up. I guess I’m seriously God’s Worst Child!!

Number two article is trailing behind the first one at 169 searches, and it is How My Own Brain Humiliated Me. The phrase internet explorers keep using to find this one, you ask?

Three boobs. :-)

I typed that one in, and thankfully, while it pulls up my article, I’m not number one, nor does my picture pull up under Google Images. I can live with being God’s Worst Child, but if everyone who has never seen me thinks I have Three Boobs, I’ll just die…

— Bird


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