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That greedy glint in the eye of the fooled, the eye of the lost

my heart left in the home of the tricked

What does it take for them to wake up?

to stop selling their fortunes

for the land of milk and honey, the land

where the streets are paved in gold

the lies told to lure them

What will it take before the tales

of fools are replaced with the folklore

of the ancient, the contentment of the

indigenous? What will it take for the

mad hatter to end his greedy voyages

into the hearts of the innocent?

I am ravaged like the forests of the Amazon!

Ravaged like the tombs of Egypt!

Where do the tombs rest now? In the land

of the greedy, the violent, in the land of the weeping.

 I am ravaged like the exiled

 ravaged like the land of the tricked

ravaged like the heart of the fool.


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Do These Jeans Make My Butt Look Fat??

As with probably every other American in society today, I want to lose some weight. I’m not heavy, but as I’ve entered in to my 40’s, a little bit of belly fat has begun to collect around my middle, and I want it gone. The problem is, I don’t want to exercise or give up my favorite foods (ie: Coca Cola) enough to make that happen. I’m holding out for the

milk bottle showing cream at the top

milk bottle showing cream at the top (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

magic pill. I feel like we’re close now….

My husband, on the other hand, has had to deal with a bit of a weight problem most of the time I’ve known him. Bless his heart, his genetics just work against him. And each year, as we shopped for clothes that were just a wee bit bigger than last year’s, I would seek to comfort him by saying how handsome he was anyways. And I meant it. He’s always been handsome, and not just to me.

Then, in a cruel twist of fate, about 4 months ago, my rotund husband developed a lactose intolerance. Now, he has always loved milk (…gross…), and drank at least one gallon of 2% per day for his entire life. And after battling bravely to power through it, belching and farting all along the way, my animals and I had to hold an intervention to make him stop. The smell was killing us…Enter, Lactaid.

Lactaid Milk, according to my husband, was not as habit-forming as regular milk was. In fact, only recently does he have anything positive to say about it at all. But, since dairy was a no-no now, it was the only replacement that didn’t stink us out of the house. Mother of God…

And now the twist — He lost 40 lbs by just not drinking milk. He’s 10 sizes smaller!! Now, when he puts on his jeans, I have to answer the age-old women’s question — “Do these jeans make my a$$ look fat?” I can’t even copy him because I don’t drink milk. White food grosses me out.

There is no lesson in this. I just wanted to gripe about how my husband didn’t even have to try to lose weight…and how I’m sick of answering his questions about his a$$.

When are they going to finish perfecting those damn magic weight loss pills?? Forget the Juvenile Diabetes Shoes I’m buying for $1 at the pharmacy every other month…let’s see some Huge Paper Butts that I can donate my money to something a little closer to my heart….

— Bird


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