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disaster, hazard

the time will run out

the silence will end

the clouds would burst open

the rain would lash down

blood would flow

scars would show

the heart would be torn open

the mind would go haywire

the time will run out

disaster, hazard

the sky would fall apart

and the land would burst in flames

disaster, hazard

only pain, suffering

would linger in the end.

Dry Spell

My hand won’t write, but worse than that
my mind can’t conjure up the words
that float on air like little birds.
Where’s the magician and his hat?

I’d wish that he might pull a song
from whence the furry rabbits come.
Please give me something, let me hum
a tune, a verse. It’s all so wrong

to be bereft of energy
for writing on this snowy morn.
Suppose ideas will be born
if patiently I wait? O me,

o my, I do not like this state
of wordlessness. Turn on the lamp,
light up the dark of writer’s cramp,
and fill the blankness of my slate.


New Writing Prompt:- Listen, Pick and Write!

New writing prompt-

1. Listen to your favorite song.

2. Pick a phrase or two, a line or many lines, from the song.

3. Write a poem including those phrases/lines.

Here is mine-

Song:- Way back into love by Sabrina from the movie Music and Lyrics

Phrase/Line:- I know it is out there, there is gotta be something for my soul somewhere…

Something out there…

I find myself wandering around

with no aim or goal in mind,

with the knowledge that

there is something out there,

there is gotta be something

for my soul somewhere,

that would bring me

the faith I so desire,

that would set it alright.

I find myself hoping

that it is out there

for my soul somewhere.


The Blitz Poem

Beautiful sky

Beautiful love

Love so fair

Love so sly

Sly is who I am

Sly is the world

World so dreary

World is a dream

Dream in the night

Dream of the day

Day quite warm

Day with a charm

Charm act outward

Charm so fake

Fake is who I am

Fake is this world

World freedom

World enlightens

Enlightens the path

Enlightens my soul

Soul concept of life

Soul concept of death

Death for me and you

Death so inevitable

Inevitable circumstance

Inevitable depression

Depression kills

Depression controls mind

Mind your own business

Mind so lame

Lame is who I am

Lame is the world

World so sultry

World where I live

Live in the shadow

Live in the oblivion

Oblivion choices

Oblivion sky

Sky so high

Sky so blue

Blue waters

Blue cheese

Cheese of cow

Cheese I love

Love is who I am

Love is the world

World is yours

World is mine



Well, I hope you are not angry for reading this poem(yes it is a poem) which is full of meaningless phrases and words.

But I loved writing it and I hope you are also going to love it.

Blitz is a 50-line poem, completely made up of small phrases. Rules-

1. Line 1 should be one short phrase or image.

2. Line 2 should be one short phrase or image, using the same first word as the first words of Line 1.

3. Line 3 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

4. Line 4 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 2.

5. Line 5 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

6. Line 6 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 4.

7. Line 7 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

8. Line 8 should include the phrase, using the last word of Line 6.

9. Keep on repeating the routine till Line 48.

10. Line 49 is the last word(only) of Line 48.

11. Line 50 is the last word(only) of Line 47.

If you have any questions, do ask them. And try it- I know it is a little time consuming and a little confusing as well, but it is quite entertaining when we write it.

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I simply can’t write… (5-line stanzas)


comes a 

time every day

when I strive to

write but I simply can’t.


just doesn’t

seem right that

my mind goes blank

and I simply can’t write.


I know

it occurs when

I feel a sudden

revulsion towards everything in life.


also when

I am anxious

and I try to

comprehend with my numb thoughts.


still this

must be the

time when I am

able to express myself fully.


that is

not the case

with me because I

just simply can not write.

Again feeling nothing…

Again feeling nothing

an emptiness prevails

the mind is numb

the heart is fragile

I ask questions from myself

but there seem to be no answers

Again feeling nothing

it is a large void

where I exist with myself

with nothing to feel.

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Giddy thought

What is the relation of this picture with the giddy thought?- I don’t know. I just felt like posting this picture!

A giddy thought strikes my mind

I know now what to think of

What to think about for another day

And torture myself by thinking about

it again and again till the mind bursts

with pain, for pain is better than confusion

prevailing thoroughly, in an amazing way

within the nerves and the brain.

Oh My Mind! (Silly)

Oh my my childish mind

Why you do fidgeting

Running to this extreme

And then to that

Why you no concentrating

It is your slave’s exam

Why you no study

Oh my my master

Oh my my mind

Why you go to the dark

Out of the blue

Why you not absorb light

And enlighten your slave

With a good feeling for once

Oh my my master, my mind

Oh my my childish mind.

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Lying Awake…Time to Dwell


A random, disorganized progression of thoughts. Lying there awake, in the middle of the night, the mind flits about. It settles upon the past, present and future. It lingers upon the half empty side of life. A negative smudge of thought invades. Positive self talk, efforts to slip back into sleep fail. Self fulfilling thoughts of ‘I won’t be able to go back to sleep’ repetitively creep into the mind. This is how I am going to start my day?

Compartments in the mind. Control. Security. The lids have been purposely flipped off the top, of late, and have fallen away. Disorganized, chaotic. Containment and control evaporates. What replaces the chaos? No reference points feel right….not yet. New directions, but this subtle anxiety gnaws at the gut. The slightest bump, nudge, jolt casts doubt. I look toward the stars for comfort. Requests are offered up. 

The dogs snore. The cat prowls. The clock glows 0-Dark-30. Time to get up and make coffee. The early bird local news leads with seven shootings in the metro area. Nothing uplifting there. I turn it off . I spend time tying some flies. The dog lies at my side snoring away. My mind eases.

An inner voice prods, coaxes me toward positive thoughts. I am often comforted by the realization that I am not alone in this journey. Comfort can be gained by seeing the burdens others endure. But, standing together in the maelstrom of life is not enough.

I want to, need to, rise above that swirl of negativity, if even for a brief respite. It is up to me. The day begins, the sun is up now. The day brightens. Up to me to maintain it. Join me?


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Kinks & Leaks (Fix Them)

My mind, my body, my spirit? A little patching, pulling the kinks out, repairs and life goes on. After all the intent, in the photograph, is to provide nurturing to living things (plants, gardens, pets, family, friends). I will do my part. Will you? (by SwittersB)


Sun — Where Have You Been?

I’ve been waiting in the cold

dark, forever, it seems, at least

to feel your warm hand upon my body.

Unbury me from this hovel of dampness

that infects my bones, my joints.

I need your electric balm to invigorate

my mind, my soul.

This gray shadow has cast its’ net

too long, too far.

It has swallowed

too much of this earth

causing a great bulge

in yesterday’s news.

One – sided blues

that propagates itself

over the tops of its citizen’s moods

clamping down hard with its monotonous recital.

Sun! Unleash your soothing rays

for we cannot wait

patience has seen its overdue days.

© [Jeanette Shihadeh] and [thepainterspalate.wordpress.com], [2012]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material, artwork, or photo’s without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Jeanette Shihadeh] and [thepainterspalate.wordpress.com] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.



The furniture that occupies my mind
takes too much space. This room is not defined
by loveliness or style, is not a place
where I can live without the frightening chase

of seizures that move in as residents.
They hide within my brain as if in tents,
and I can’t rest in my own living room.
I feel entrapped as in a stone-cold tomb.


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