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Holiday Stress

The holidays can be an emotional roller coaster with skyrocketing depression and anxiety. The stress of family issues, wanting perfection , and money problems can lead to overwhelming stress on the mind and body. To this end I have a new endeavor that I hope will give a little respite- https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCr62v3IrYOrT3hkkfjGTjIQ

May you find peace, relaxation, and calm this holiday season.

The Beat

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Colorful Stained Glass

The turning and the churning
is in each of us
the desire to make change
if we can persevere
ignore the rain

The slashing and the gnashing
of self-sacrifice and teeth
the pain of labor’s love
if we have patience
release the white dove

The prowling and the growling
rumbles from deep within
the courage to make our demands known
end our children’s suffering
see them grow

The timing and the rhyming
we each find our own beat
make joyful music for the world
wrap each other in our arms
keep our hearts warm


And the beat goes on

©SpiritLed 2014

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The Music

The ceiling stares back at me

Sprawled on the cold hard floor,


In the darkness I watch the lights

From passing cars, creep across the room.


I’m lost in another world, far away

The music picks me up, lifts me and carries me away

Dances play in the movies of my mind.


I listen wholly, with all of me

Shutting out the rest of the world

Just to be with the music

Let it sink into every pore.

I want it to take hold.


It’s like a drug, alters my emotions

Takes me high, brings me low.

Makes me move, dance and shake

Induces tears I’m unable to stop.


I lay pressed against the floor

To feel the vibrations

Make it even more real,

As I relax, I feel each muscle give way

Release into the music,

It calms me and sets me free

I won’t be still for long

The music always moves me

And then I’m who I was always meant to be.

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One Special Poem

Prolific, he wrote poems, published books,
ideas flowed like waterfalls, not brooks.
My father wrote of nature, music, art,
most in poetic form, sharp as a dart.

He chose his words with utmost care to tell
the stories stirring in his head, to spell
ideas with suspense and tension. Four
weeks after he had died I found some more

of his fine poems. One, though, brought my tears.
Its subject? Me as little girl. He’d not
shared it. I wondered why. Emotion shot
through me. I read this poem. My dad nears.

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I want to share one of my favorite songs “You Were There.” My song is for both my parents. I was very close with my parents all of my life and watching them decline has been a painful process. My father died last May. My mother has severe dementia and cannot really speak. But she still recognizes me and smiles with joy whenever I am near. Clicking the blue link plays my song:

YOU WERE THERE-5/7/13 Copyright 2011 by Judy Unger

Below are links to stories on my other blog:




I’ll let my lyrics and pictures tell my story.

 To Mom I was so loved Breakfast w. Mom Mother's Love With my parents and younger Judy & her Dad looking at her


Copyright 2011 by Judy Unger

All my life, every day

You were there when I’d need you

All the time, I just knew; you’d be there

and you’d see me through

I’ve always known, I’m not alone . . .

You were so strong

You’d pick me up when I’d fall down

So I can see all the strength you gave me

Although I try, it’s hard to say goodbye

to someone who’s loved me all of my life

And when I’m sad, because you’re not there

I’ll still see your love everywhere

Everything that I did you’d applaud

You were right there watching me

as I grew, sharing joy and my heartache, too

I always knew, that I had you . . .

Now I’m so strong

I picked you up when you fell down

I’ve learned to see just how strong I could be

Although I try, it’s hard to say goodbye

to someone who’s loved me all of my life

And when I’m sad, because you’re not there

I’ll still see your love everywhere

When you are gone I’ll say a prayer;

and I’ll remember how you were there

Mom 2  My mother had a good day

WIth mom & dad 1 Grief 3 IN THE GARDEN 2 IN THE GARDEN

© 2013 by Judy Unger, http://www.myjourneysinsight.com and 20 Lines A Day. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Judy Unger with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


The Song


Charlotte Gainsbourg  AnOther


From a recent prompt – to write a piece on the above picture.



You left me
towards the door you
no smile no remorse

canvas bag
a gift from me
in the lining hidden
a ring long forgotten
a gift from you
thrown across the floor
it rolled

door slammed
I watched it
roll till it stopped

the records
the ones you will
return for
they are round
like the ring
but hold no

I sit
titles through tears
that drop silently onto
plastic covers
the ring motionless

makes no sound
as these records
never will
they will be silent
there will be no dance
no dip of love
just the stylus

like you
in my heart


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