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Dreaming dreams hoping for a light,
waiting patiently for something in the night,
wanting so desperately to mean something,
to mean more than something to some one;

Dreaming of times long gone,
when winter melted into spring,
and burst into summer and fall,
when a season remained just that, a season;

But then time flew,
and we grew,
and that ends the story of me and you.

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English: Sunset at Kalpeni.

English: Sunset at Kalpeni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess it’s easier for you to stop loving me,

I guess it’s easier to demand what you want,

without asking me how i feel,

I guess you think I am just so full of it;

How about you just forget all that bull,

how about you just fuck me real good,

how about you do something spontaneous, 

aside from your laid out life for once;

I guess I just need you so freakin’ bad,

how about you kiss me now;

I guess am really afraid of being hurt,

how about you show me how….

to trust

to need

to hope

to love

THE WAY (Open Book Challenge)

We are all on an individual journey. We are looking for truth and overturning all stones in an effort to find those methods that will help us discover, THE WAY.

Each one of us has a unique idea of the path and how it is to be followed. Some take to religion, some to science, and some combine all the information into a form of belief. We look for signposts and guides to lead us into a direction. Often we feel we have taken the wrong road or walked down an over trodden path. Frustration that we need to retrace our steps is often felt, and for a moment, makes us sad for the time we have wasted.

However, is it really wasted time? Maybe, there was something missed on the first pass through. Some lesson that was not evident or forgotten. What if we are where we are meant to be, ALWAYS? Could it be that there are no mistakes? It just is what it is.  Hmmm….something to muse about today.



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Ode to Poets Everywhere (How Anxious’s challenge)


“Thou was not born for death, immortal bird!”

Quoth the great poet, Keats, in times of yore

And words from the poet Poe, long ago…

“Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore’!”


The raven, a symbol of death to come

Or so it’s been said, you know, by some

Were they contradicting each other there?

I love them both, so I don’t care.


This poetry we love, a form of art

And means by which ideas to express

To muse about the world at large

And even, perhaps, relieve our stress


Both Keats and Poe, wordsmiths so great

Though differently, their words did state

It’s much the same as us, I suppose

Whether in poetry, or in prose


We love to tell it like it is

In hopes that others may relate

Or so we hope, when we pen our thoughts

Whether musings, or to pontificate


I love to read,  and write it too

I must assume that so do you

Or else it stands to reason, dear,

That likely you would not be here.

(I LOVED doing this, How Anxious!  Thanks for this challenge!!)


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