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Hey, I’m Here Again

Hi, everyone. I feel like a stranger. I was gone at the epilepsy conference over the weekend (it was great, as always), so I didn’t get my writing done for NaNoWriMo. Even though I was ahead of schedule before I left, I am now dreadfully behind so I have made the executive decision to not press myself with the stress of finishing by Nov. 30. I am invested in my story, however, and am sure I’ll finish it. It will be in my own good time, though.

In the meantime, I have really missed being here and writing on 20 Lines. So I’m back, and hope to swing back into the rhythm here.



The goal for today was 8333 words and I am now at 10,079. I can’t believe I’m ahead of the daily average, but it’s a good thing because I won’t have as much time to write on other days as I’ve had over the weekend. And I got all of my writing for today done by around 11:15 this morning. One of my college friends is listening to it chapter by chapter, as is my brother, so I’m getting feedback as I go.

This is a good exercise. I have the definite feeling that this book won’t be published. I doubt that I’ll even seek outlets for it. So why, you might ask, am I doing it?

It’s wonderful discipline, which Melissa has begun in me with 20 Lines, and I’m simply challenging myself to see if I can do it again. Now that I’ve passed 1o,000 words, I realize that’s only 1/5 of the way. Do I have it in me?

We’ll see.

NaNo Progress Report

Hey, writerly friends, I know I’ve been lax about writing here, but NaNoWriMo seems to have grabbed me by the throat and stolen all my time. I haven’t forgotten you.

At this moment I’m at 5820 words. In order to keep up with the daily average I need to be at 6667 by tonight, so I have to keep plugging away to get 800 more words. I’m enjoying the writing, but I know that if I fall behind it will be hard to get my word count back on track. So I’ve really been concentrating on my NaNo writing.

The fun I’m having comes, first of all, from my story. It’s about my college friends and how we gather every summer for a reunion. But, there’s a twist. And I’ve been talking with one of those friends — in fact, it’s Kathe (teadh) who’ here on 20 Lines — and she’s helping me with the accuracy of my memories of those wonderful college days. We talk and talk, getting hung up on this little thing that happened or that. It’s interesting how she’ll remember something one way and I’ll remember it another. But for the the most part our memories coincide.

Sheer numbers of the words accrue

like waves upon the shore. Brand-new,

the structure of this story, true

and fun to write, brings me to you.


NaNoWriMo Progress

OK, so I only wrote 301 words this morning. I’m at 2033. And I have my grandkids for awhile after school, but my best writing time is evening so I’ll spend time on the boards later when the day has settled down.

I’ve been thinking about why I like writing so much. Is this novel going to see the light of day? Do I care? Yes, I’m invested in it, but it’s much more the process-rather-than-product thing that grabs me and hangs on. I love the art of creation, and just decided to be grateful for the gift of loving to write. I hope that that will see me through to the end. Then I will have a first draft, and can decide what I want to do with it.

For now, I’m good with simply telling my story.


So although I had to go to the eye doctor this afternoon, I got my NaNo writing done this evening. I wrote 1732 words so am slightly ahead of the daily goal. This is just a progress report.

I’m finding, as I’d hoped, that my story is winding out like a ball of yarn. Since I’ve lived the story and know all the characters, it’s not as challenging a task as creating all characters anew. It’s fun, though, to come up with names and places, and so far-so good.


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