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The Green Lush Tree!

The green lush tree,

With ripened fruits finding their way down,

Reminds me,

Takes me to the place I can just imagine-

Where I am the tree,

And my problems getting solved,

Ripened up, getting filled with juice of solace,

And find their way down to be searched,

By someone wanting to quench the thirst,

For the peace that being would want.

Drawing of the Girl

An old drawing of the girl with the crooked smile-

So blissfully appearing on her face,

So natural that even nature would shy.

Her hair bunched together in a loop-

Stealing the shine of the stars,

Spreading the light of life.

Her eyes seeking answers-

Dotted with the pearls of love,

So intricately assessing the emotions.

Such a pity!

It is just a drawing of the girl,

With the crooked smile.


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