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Neglect in Rispetto

Neglect in Rispetto

It has been so long since I tended my yard

because life’s demands have drawn me away.

I love the nurturing and find it not hard,

but the toil now is elsewhere that does outweigh.

Time is fleeting, the demands so high,

that I can barely keep up without a tired sigh.

But, I am told, time is on my side,

if I only keep the end in sight and abide.

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How Important Is Sin When You Love Someone?


Thoughts on sin…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

In order to clearly show my heart on the matter of homosexuality, I would like to write this post specifically to pinkagendist, Daniel Postlewaite, and John the Aussie. It is my hope that you will see that I don’t rank any sins that people grapple with above others…sin is sin, yet that isn’t what God is interested in. Yes, sin is evil. But He could have rid the world of all sin by just destroying all of it, and us with it. It is God’s love for us that is important, and was the reason He sent His son to die. To restore us back to our God, and to free us from the chains that sin places us in.

When my kids were in high school, my stepdaughter Brenda (not her real name) showed up in the middle of the

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An offering from my daughter Rebekkah, even if it does make me sound a little bad… :-(

Adventurers and Known Associates

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

I watched the first half of an episode of Freakonomics last night. In my altered state of mind, much of it was vague, just some sad facts with funny faces. However, one thing did stick out. They talked about people attempting to…well, I guess attempting to “genius-ize” their kids. Playing Mozart, or teaching them different languages, enrolling them in various classes. As small children, infants even. It seemed so high-maintenance. Surely, with many dead genius’s recorded in history, long before all of our technological advances, this was not the way. My parents didn’t raise genius’s, but we’re certainly well adjusted for our time period. We don’t seem to deal with the same difficulties of others in our generation. It made me wonder, if you throw out all the super-kid mumbo jumbo, how did my parents raise just decent kids? That’s maybe a better parenting question nowadays. And looking back-bear with…

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The disappointments of a life put sad
shades on what’s usually cheerful, happy, glad.
I never could have thought things might turn out
like this, incurring tears and so much doubt.        

Some have no eyes to see that their neglect
leaves heart holes, pieces that I must collect.
I sweep debris of what was once so sweet,
wipe tears away, and kick the threatening fleet

of feelings well away. The anger mixed
with angst swells, never ever getting fixed.
Avoiding seizure is avoiding stress.
I must keep distance from this hurtful mess.


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