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A New Life

Hiccups and laughs,

Joy to be heard,

A crack of a smile,

a glance at a bird.

The baby is yawning,

mommy is aware

and all through the nap

noise is handled with care.

Now you’re up

and you smiling

no more fuss

no more crying.

The joy of new life

is a blessing.



Gossamer veil before me sliver of light
peers furtively through trees that have seen a hundred years
absence of day with steps I place, now in sudden fear
not knowing of where I go or where I’ve been

disconsolate foot steps, crackle leaves beneath my feet
forest of deadened branches hang eerie, blackened sleep
who am I, where am I, behind or in front
cautiously tread direction lost steps to find myself

one foot wrong shall I be left in a world I do not want
one foot right will I find myself forgoing the life I’ve led
brush what my eyes before me see, start anew without the ink
trunks of deadness, branches hang life to them is lost

renew yourselves, birth new buds like I must do at life
banish cobwebs of my fears, eradicate self doubt
step into the daylight, know who you are and why
blackened forest take your leave, be reborn like I

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Soft petal of the fallen flower…

A soft petal of the fallen flower

still spreads its fragrance

soon it is going to dissolve in earth

die and get buried, as we say it

but don’t forget- a new life will spring up

here where the fallen flower lies

with its soft petal which is

spreading its last bit of fragrance.


Will you…?

Need I pass away to find a new world ?

Because I decay, your voice is unheard,

And I’m lead astray by my easiness,

Instead I should pray for some forgiveness…

But my wounds linger as I don’t take care

Of my old body, though I am aware

Of my condition and of my weakness,

That’s my complexion and that’s my darkness.

I need a new life in this space and time,

Not a new excuse, not a waste of time !

Will you follow me on the alleyways

Of my twisted path on these fragile days ?

Antoine Burgos



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