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Riding Up to Harlem

Riding up to Harlem in a silver chariot.

Hustling & Bustling during a season of busy “cheer”.

A child laughs, a mother cries and I see the city reflected in a hobo’s eyes.

As I exit the train I hear Jazz musicians serenading commuters running by.

I hear a world of renaissance that has passed me by.

I think of this village called Harlem and feel the spirits of greats pass me by.

Can I add a stroke of paint to this village mural and contribute beauty with ashes?

125th Street Subway Station Mural in Harlem

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The A Train

We’re riding together but sit worlds apart.

The stockbroker, the mother, the hobo living in separate realities, yet riding in the same car.

The A Train zips from beaches to hoods to ground zero.

Our liberal metropolis is a kingdom of progressive “niceties”.

The A Train is a silver chariot carrying us through our politely segregated city.

Photo Credit: NYC Transit Museum


Homesick at 10 Weekly Challenge

English: A view of the cabins at Kineowatha Ca...

English: A view of the cabins at Kineowatha Camps, Wilton, Maine, circa 1920. Kineowatha began as a girls summer camp, founded in 1914 by Elizabeth Bass and Irving McColl. Glass negative. Courtesy of the Maine State Museum. Retouched by MarmadukePercy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think the first time I ever left home I was 10 or so . I went to a summer camp for one week . It was a church camp for kids , on a lake in the middle of New York State . My sister had gone the year before so she knew what we were in store for . Upon arrival I was taken back from all the kids that were there , it had to be two hundred or more. The sun was shining and for me , I had to go to a short indoctrination with my parents to get acquainted with the grounds and activity’s . When we were through it was time for the parents to go , wow I was on my own for the first time .

It was a feeling of internal power , I could feel my heart pounding a little harder. My breathing was a little deeper and I even think I was standing a little taller . We went right into the activity’s we had picked following our assignments for sleeping . The cabins were amazing , made of log and trimmed with wood , they were kept in immaculate condition . The first day was busy , I’m sure to keep the homesickness at bay .

I learned the first day how to make a candle , then went swimming in the lake . It was the best time I ever had , we went to eat the evening meal having hot dogs and hamburgers ( which was my all time favorite ) . Before we settled down for the night  we all gathered in a big field to listen to the next days announcements as well as singing a few songs. We finally went back to our cabins and there , once I lay in my bed came the biggest sense of loneliness I have ever had . The first time in my life that I hadn’t seen or talked with my mother before I went to sleep . The sense of fear was out of my control , as I thought about home and my own bed I truly was homesick .


Weekly Challenge

Short note .. please everyone submit your work for our weekly challenge , Topic is a time you felt homesick …Thanks ..lets see what ya got

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The Man in The Window……. Chapter one

The day was cool, September in northern New York could go either way. The leaves have left the trees early, their branches waving naked in the breeze. The impending winter was looming while towns people dreamt of the warm days of summer disappearing. Hermon, New York was a small New England town, it was as old as the constitution itself. While having a small population, Hermon was very self-sufficient not depending on much outside help. The lands were rich and farming was rampant throughout the outlying areas. Dairy was the biggest business of the entire northern part of the state. Milk and cheese were sold by most farmers in the area, a few had chicken farms for the purchase of eggs and fresh chicken.  Every spring the smell of maple sap being cooked down to syrup, candies and a distinctive spread for toasted bread. The main street was filled with bustling business’s, from grocery store to an electrical shop filled with lamps and small appliances. There was a plumber’s shop, barber shop, hardware store, it seemed like a bigger town shopping experience in a small village setting.

Hermon was also very god fearing village as there were three churches, Methodist, Baptist, and Catholic. On Sunday mornings the town and village people, farmers alike filled the three churches to the roofs. The Baptists had their own parsonage for their pastor to live in, as the other churches needed preachers from other towns and villages to come in on Sundays.  The churches all had bible study for the village children , I think almost all kids under the age of 16 were enrolled to one or another.  Summertime’s saw almost every weekend with some sort of celebration going on. The fire departments of all the villages in the upstate area had field days they put on for moneys to keep their doors open. Being volunteer without much aid from state or federal governments they relied on donations to keep themselves equipped. The air was filled with a carnival atmosphere during these weekends, and usually the whole town showed their support.

Steven ran in front of his mom coming back from getting a few groceries. Jenny was a young wife, married straight out of high school as most young girls were. She had two children already, Steven and Lindsey. Most young couples would have stopped with a boy and a girl, Jenny had thoughts of a large family. She was almost nine months pregnant, expecting anytime for her third. Jenny yelled ahead “Steven you be careful and stay out of the road “. He replied still running away “ok mom “. Traffic being very slow in town, except on Friday afternoons, taking caution was merely out of redundancy. Jenny having her hands full with little Lindsey and a bag of groceries couldn’t keep up with Steven. Lindsey with her second birthday coming in December was kind of a  sickly baby more so than most. Not having any real severe medical problems, she just needed much more attention than her older brother.

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