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Preventative Measures and My Panty Drawer

Catherine aka "Bird":

A recent offering…

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Yesterday evening, I swore offf watching the news. Forever. But, as my world often does, I was thrown a curve ball. My husband won’t jump on the anti-news bandwagon with me. I guess the upside of this latest little battle is that I would have missed the breaking news that is happening right here in Tulsa. A rogue exterminator has been caught rifling through a woman’s bra and panty drawer. It scares me to know just how close I came to missing this valuable little nugget of life. Here is the full story: Exterminator Caught in Bra and Panty Drawer.

I often ponder what makes people take the risks they do when it comes to decisions like this. For the life of me, why do men want to look at a woman’s underthings in a drawer?? I mean, I get it when men, being visual creatures,  want to see…

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Breast Implants & The Sally Jesse Raphael Show

Catherine aka "Bird":

How I found my Dad the first time…

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:

I have had some pretty weird stuff happen to me, as you can probably tell from prior posts in my blog. Here is yet another one that makes me shake my head in disbelief. Be a fiction writer? I don’t think so. I couldn’t come up with stuff like this if I tried…..

Growing up. my mother hid my brother and me so that our father couldn’t find us. They had battled long and hard in the courts for years. But, at the last-minute, right before I had to march into court and pick which parent I would live with, something happened and my custody was granted to my mother. The story of what a liar I was back then is here. The reprieve saved my sorry little rear-end, but it also metaphorically sealed my father out of my life growing up.

Being an abused kid, I imagine I…

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